Busy Kitchen

So it kind of hit me that I have quite a big produce party going on in my kitchen. I’m loving everything that I have been eating. Its crazy how I don’t crave the old food I used to enjoy so much. I have cut out all sugar, dairy, gluten, meats, eggs and soy. Wow. Thats a lot. That leaves me to eat fruits, veggies and grains. Sound so limited, but my goodness it is far from restricting! My taste buds feel satisfied after each meal I eat. Speaking of, this is what I had last night for dinner. I have been eating Raw during the day but when I come home I crave a cooked meal. I wanted something warm and ooey & gooey and THIS hit the spot. I know it doesn’t sound exciting and it may sound like a weird combo but boy was this delicious!! 
I sauteed sliced eggplant and sliced zucchini in Coconut oil and sprinkled with Herbamare and pepper.
I put a generous smear of Roasted Garlic Hummus on a Brown Rice Tortilla with a heap of Raw Saurkraut and a little drizzle of Raw hot sauce I got with a salad from One Lucky Duck in NYC. 
Not the prettiest meal I’ve made, but really yummy and oh so satisfying!
Peaches & Nectarines for dessert. 

My first sprouts are being born!
I purchased sprouting seeds from Sunfood.com
I decided to hang them from a nut-milk bag off my faucet rather then the jar method. This is my first attempt, and so far so good. This is day two and the sprouts are showing signs of life. 
I soaked the seeds in water for 8 hours in a glass mason jar, rinsed well and then hung them in bag above sink. I am rinsing twice a day until full sprouting takes place. Yum, can’t wait to taste these little guys!

Hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday


2 thoughts on “Busy Kitchen

  1. This looks so yummy! Raw kraut goes on anything in my house! 🙂 good luck with your sprouts, I haven't made them in awhile, they are so good, fresh!

  2. You are the reason for my love for Kraut! I saw a post one day from you and started craving it…been hooked since. I could never eat it before this, my pro-biotic must be helping because I can eat it no problem now!

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