My new Juicer


I was so excited that my mom offered to buy me a super duper new juicer! I did extensive research on which one would suit me best and after long hours reading reviews online, I finally made up my mind. My friends have this brand in a different model and they swear by how good it works for them. I didn’t need a heavy duty machine, I could of went with the smaller and less expensive model, but the shiny stainless was pretty sleek if you ask me. Plus it got a little more rave reviews on durability and functionality. So far I love the juicer, its easy to clean (phew!) and looks very handsome sitting on my countertop. Its not small, but I made room for the big guy. I have a feeling I will be getting a lot of use out if him. 

So this morning as I awoke, I had my usual hot cup of water with juice from one lemon. (This helps alkalize the body and also wakes up your digestive system) Sometimes I add a drop of Apple Cider vinegar to this, another alkalizing agent.  I always take my probiotics immediately when I awake as well, because its best to have an an empty stomach for those little guys so they can party and do their thing.  

Today I decided to juice all that I have in stock– Kale, Romaine, Cucumber, Celery, Carrots, Lemon and one Green Apple, which somehow escaped the photo below!  (he’s camera shy)
All this…..


Love the way I feel after drinking a Green Juice! Radiant, alive and clear-headed. After my juice I did about a half hour of stretching and yoga….now I am off to the big city to work!  

Happy Juicing 

P.S. I tried sneaking in some leftover pulp into Bowie’s food and he liked it! The rest, I fed to the baby bunnies in my backyard 🙂



3 thoughts on “My new Juicer

  1. Got your blog info from Lauren – Ginger is the new pink! Welcome! We look forward in following your journey! xoLori and MichellePure2raw Twins

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