Thank you so much!


I want to thank all of you that stopped by and said hello or even just took a sneak-peek! The response has been great so far and I’m really looking forward to sharing with all of you. I want to especially thank Lauren from Ginger is the New Pink for being my big time inspiration. I have to say that if it wasn’t for my best friend turning me on to her blog, I don’t think I would of had the guts to make the change in my eating habits. She showed me that it was possible. Through her blog I found other’s just like her that were eating the same way and feeling just as good. Now I want to help spread the word too… Thank you Lauren for mentioning me on your blog today! 

Until tomorrow….sweet dreams.

3 thoughts on “Thank you so much!

  1. Start posting some of those pics of all the yummy foods you have made. Tomorrow is going to be a raw food prep day. Fruit leathers, granola bars, dehydrated mangoes and strawberries, raw burgers, and fresh juice of course. Yum! XOXO

  2. Ha. Beat you to the punch!!! Wed night I will be posting that yummy recipe of my very own Curry Quinoa Stew…keep your eyes peeled!! Raw food prep ralley in your kitchen and in mine! I need a dehydrator pronto 🙂

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