Meeting special people is fun.

Today I had my little surgery to remove some melanoma on my right breast. It went very well and they are pretty positive that they got it all out. The results should be in within the next week. I am pretty sore, but I’m not letting it get me down. It is a little disheartening getting a womanly part of your body cut into, but hey, just another battle wound right?! I think I’m more bummed at   the fact that I can’t exercise or stretch for two whole weeks….ut-oh. What shall I ever do with myself? I know! I will ride my bike. Perfect idea. 

 I was lucky enough to get the same doctor as last procedure, for the clinic is always revolving dr’s to do surgeries.  This dr happens to be a big advocate for alternative medicine and healthy diet and today talked in length to me about becoming healthier. He suggested restaurants in the city that I will be sharing with you soon, supplements to try, and even a name of a Medicine Man healer/doctor who is known to do phenomenal work. I am a firm believer in the fact that we meet certain people in life for a reason. Last surgery with him he told me to start taking Turmeric. He personally knew three people who were told they had months to live. They started taking Turmeric. Two are still living. The other, who was the worst diagnosis, lived 12 years past what the dr’s told him he would. I’ve heard of this spice, but never knew the significant role it plays in fighting against cancer, especially in the skin. I was taken back by the idea that a top dr at NYU was telling me to take a spice for such a serious matter. Sure enough, after some internet research I found there were numerous articles, papers and studies done on the wonders of Turmeric. He wrote down for me a site called where they sell high potency Turmeric (aka Curcumin) You want to get something that has black pepper in it because this is what makes it more readily available for the body to absorb. I started taking one capsule a day (800mg) and now take two for good measures. I’ve been on it for over a month and can definitely tell a difference in my skin already. I had very bad photosensitivity while spending time outside (mainly from my 6mp that I am on). I would get severely itchy for days after being exposed and new freckles would literally form overnight after being in the sun.  Now I can spend a day at the beach without burning, no itching and not so many new freckles! 

Not only is Turmeric a good cancer fighting agent, but it also has anti-inflammatory properties which is a plus for my Crohn’s. Please read this page for all the info about Turmeric. It is off the American Cancer Society website, nonetheless. Profound information that I am so glad I discovered. All because I met a dr at NYU. If I didn’t meet him I am not sure if I would have discovered this magical spice. 
This weekend in celebration I will be sharing a recipe with you for my 
Curry Quinoa Stew with Thai Basil 
shown above which has Turmeric as the star ingredient.


Keep your eyes peeled…I will be posting my good eats from today on tomorrow’s post. 


3 thoughts on “Meeting special people is fun.

  1. Good info! I love curry powder, even put it in my smoothies.. Mostly for the anti inflammatory reasons. 🙂 I am looking forward to that recipe. So glad you are doing better, hope your results come out perfect!

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