My appetite is back!


For some reason I wasn’t getting the typical Prednisone munchies this past round trip on the steroids. I think I can thank my diet for that. When you only eat pure foods, you get satisfied with less and my body wasn’t having the severe cravings for junk food like it used to. Another thing I noticed, is that I didn’t get moon-face for the first time in my life. It could very well be because I eliminated salt from my diet. Maybe not, but thats my theory and I’m sticking to it.

So back to my appetite and some of the things I ate today:


Always start my day with GREEN JUICE. Its a power house of nutrients that kick starts my body for the day. Kale, Cucumber, Spinach, Lettuce, Celery, Apple & Lemon.

Lunch was marinated kale, sprouts, spinach, and raw kraut. With sprinkle of curry and tahini dressing.

I made another pot of soup with zucchini, carrots, greens, squash, brown rice pasta in a nice lemon garlic broth.

I have been craving pizza like crazy and knew I wanted to make my own at home tonight. I made the trip to Whole Foods to search for a gluten free, vegan crust. That means no dairy, no eggs or even soy. Hard to find! Luckily I found this beauty. The ingredients: Brown rice & potato. Thats it. 

It was everything I dreamed it to be. In fact, I ate the whole thing!

I bought Whole Foods pizza sauce, Daiya Mozzarella style cheese, sliced garlic, tomatoes, broccoli and fresh basil. I had pizza in under 15 minutes. By the way, Daiya is AMAZING. Melts and tastes so similar to the real thing. And it has no soy! Love this stuff. 
The crust was a little chewy in the center but the outer crust was super crispy. Definitely will be my go-to crust for now on. Super yummy!

For dessert I had some strawberries and Raw Cookies I picked up at Whole Foods…they were surprisingly really good! Definitely a keeper in my pantry.


2 thoughts on “My appetite is back!

  1. So funny, I just posted those cookies! They are great. Perfect for my daughter, when she is old enough to eat them! :)We have been making pizza a lot lately. I buy the Bob's Redmill gluten free pizza flour, its really easy and actually pretty quick. The directions are on the back and it even comes with a yeast packet. 🙂 yours looks super yummy!

  2. I saw that you posted about those cookies and thats why they caught my eye in the store. 🙂 Really good to know about Bob's Red Mill! Thank you! I always forget about how many products that brand makes. I will try that next.

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