High Vibe


I thought I heard angels chanting when I opened the doors to this store. I was on a hunt to find a place that carried Kelp Noodles as I’ve have been wanting to try them for a little while now. Low and behold a few long walked blocks from my office in NYC, I came to High Vibe. Not only did they have everything you could ever want, but the lady who worked there and the owner, Dagger were incredibly knowledgeable and so friendly. Prices were typical for raw food but the selection is what I was impressed with the most. Every piece of literature and cookbook regarding raw food you could ever want, supplements, drinks, fresh desserts from local raw restaurants, snacks, imported frozen Thai coconut water, cooking equipment…you name it. I was really in heaven.

I bought a teeny tiny loaf of bread for $10. It can fit in the palm of my hand its so little. I have to admit though, I think its worth trying. It tastes just like Rye bread by Rayo del Sol. Its actually quite amazing. Although its tiny, I believe only a couple pieces will fill me up in one sitting so it should last me through the week. The cheese is by Dr-Cow and it was a cashew and brazil nut flavor. It has a pro-biotic added to it which helps in adding that little tang to make it taste like the real thing. I enjoyed this a lot on top of the rye!

I also got this heavenly mint chocolate pie by Hail Merry. Oh my gosh! This was so velvety smooth and delicious. I am always craving chocolate and I haven’t found this type of satisfaction in anything I’ve had before this. I’m still trying to figure it how this is Raw. It definitely is a miracle tart. This too is about the size of my hand, but that little slice did me well. This too will last me a few days. Well. Maybe. Hopefully?

Definitely need to try more of this brand!

Rawnola was something I was excited to try. It looked really yummy in the bag. Don’t get me wrong, it is delicious but more coco-nutty then I expected.  I was hoping for more vanilla flavor I guess. I will try it with almond milk and maybe it will change my thoughts.

I also have been dying to try Rawtella. I used to love Nutella and was pretty thrilled to find out there was a raw version. I got the $3 sample jar in Coffee flavor. Will let you know how it is when I try it!

Here are the Kelp Noodles. They are by Sea Tangle and were $6 a bag. I will post the results after I make a meal with them…so excited to try them!

Last but not least I am going to treat myself soon to a nice detoxing bath. Ingredients: natural mineral salt from ancient sea beds, sodium bicarbonate, bentonite clay, and powdered ginger. All ingredients to make you sweat! Love the feeling I get after a hot detox bath.

Good news to those who can’t get to the actual High Vibe store. They sell everything and more online at highvibe.com

Have you guys ever heard of Zana? Its a synergistic LIVING probiotic drink formula.

They let me sample this at the store. . It is expensive…a month supply is around $60. I tried the Bio flavor, a beautifully beet color red, which tastes like liquid kraut. Sounds bad, but honestly, it was good! She says people with digestion issues love how their tummy feels after being on this for a little bit. Its ranks high in the raw food world as something very healthy to add to your daily regimen. I already take a strong pro-biotic and eat kraut everyday so I will not running out to spend this money quite yet, but its on my list of things to get NEXT for sure!! They have a Turmeric flavor thats good for anti-inflammatory and also a ginger juice (below).

Take a look here for info explaining more about it.


3 thoughts on “High Vibe

  1. That drink looks interesintg! Have you tried Kevita? It's a raw coconut drink with probiotics. Pretty good, but I love my kombucha! That store looks awesome, I'm going to have to check it out next time I'm in the city. We use to go to westerly market, they have a ton of raw stuff too! Must. Find. That. Pie!! Looks so good!

  2. I think I've seen Kevita beofre somewhere…I will have to try it! Yes please go to High Vibes, its amazing. Dagger the owner does consultations too, which I just learned. I wish I had talked to him more when he was in the store! I am going to check out Westerly market too. I was so excited to find the Hail Merry pie in a local health food store (Nature's Corner in Spring Lake) for $2 cheaper then what I paid. Yay!! You MUST try.

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