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People can argue that water is water. I think there’s more to it. So what makes the difference between all the different kinds of water out there? The answer is their sources and how they were processed to attain the end result. There are a few kinds of water:

Well Water: Well water is generally an excellent form of drinking water. The main definition of well water is water that has been stored in permeable rocks and soil. The collected water is considered well water because it has spent time in contact with natural minerals. Some processing may be necessary because of possible contamination in the soil, but many private land owners have wells that last for years and the water is naturally healthy. Specific companies can market their bottled waters as ‘well water’ as long as they pass FDA standards and are clearly from a protected water source located underground.

Spring Water: Well water and spring water are similar in the sense that they are both produced from natural aquifers located around rockbeds and soil. Spring water, however, continues naturally to the surface. Water which comes from below and has no natural tributaries is considered to be spring water. It’s also a very good water to drink during and after exercise or throughout the day. Bottlers may use some natural processes such as reverse osmosis to improve water quality, but spring water must be naturally rich in trace minerals.

Mineral water: Mineral water can come from a natural well or spring, but must contain a specified amount of trace minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. There is no difference between sparkling and non-sparkling mineral waters except for the concentration of carbon dioxide. Both varieties contain a higher concentration of minerals than either spring or well water. Because the water must meet specific requirements, the number of water sources that qualify is very limited.

Distilled water: Distillation is a process by which water is boiled until vapor is produced. This vapor is collected and cooled until it returns to a liquid state. Because minerals are too heavy to be carried by the vapor, the resulting water is completely free of additives. distilled water is also very unpalatable in its natural state. Because there are no minerals that can stain or build up, distilled water is mostly recommended for use in machinery and cleaning products. It is not particular good to drink distilled water, because it has a tendency to pull minerals out of the bloodstream and other areas. Distilled water is perhaps the cleanest version of bottled water available, but it is not good for human consumption.

Purified Water: Purified water is when contaminants and/or minerals have been removed from the water. It could be tap water which has been forced through a charcoal filter or water treated with ultraviolet light at the grocery store. The designation ‘purified’ can be applied rather broadly, so a consumer should not be swayed by its use on a label alone. Distilled water is by definition purified, but it is not a good water for drinking. Spring and well waters may have been filtered or deionized or ozonated, which would make them pure by a looser definition.

This brings me to Alkaline/Ionized water. I have been hearing more about this type of water and its benefits on the body but there is a lot of controversy out there on this subject and many believe its just another snake oil for health. I want to truly believe there is something to it but maybe I am just being too hopeful. To me, it makes sense though. I’ve heard doctors promote its success, especially among people with auto-immune disease. I’ve heard about credible people like you and I have great success in healing themselves and/or seeing an improvement in their over-all well being. I’ve seen positive reviews on Amazon about the Ionizer machines and I’ve seen them for sale on Raw online stores. So how much of a gimmick can they be? I will give you a background to them and help you decide.

Alkaline water is also known as Kangan. The name kangen is Japanese for “return to the origin,” which helps to explain the philosophy behind its promotion as a health food.Water ionizing began being practiced in the 1950s in Japan, with the water being tested on animals and plants for its benefits. The water continued to be developed and tested by Japanese universities, gradually being tested in humans with the discovery that it possibly reduces many symptoms caused by disease. The water ionizers became approved as a medical device in 1966 by the Health and Rehabilitation Ministry of Japan. The studies that are supportive of the claims that alkaline water is beneficial have had little to no exposure in the medical industry.  

About the Water:
Alkaline water has been promoted for health by certain companies, and is said to balance the pH in the body and help maintain optimal health. Their theory is that the body’s pH should naturally be more alkaline than acidic, and the body may stress itself in order to achieve it’s desired alkalinity level. Increased acidity may cause decreased energy, body aches and even weight gain. Kangen water and other ionized or alkaline water products are also said to have smaller molecules, which means they are more readily absorbed by the body. Ordinary tap water or unprocessed bottled waters have larger water molecules which tend to pass through the body without reaching individual cells. Without proper re-hydration, these cells can suffer from a form of cellular dehydration and either die too soon or fail to function efficiently. Alkalized water is believed to have the ability to rehydrate these cells before they essentially dry out.

Alkalinity Ranges/Test Range
Alkaline water ranges generally from 7.5 to 9.5 in pH. Different ranges of water are suggested depending on the purpose or activity that the water will be used for. To follow the recommended usage, different types of water are usually recommended for cooking purposes, drinking purposes and washing purposes (more acidic).
There are certain considerations that should be taken when considering alkaline water. It is not recommended for babies to drink. Though a clear reason why it is not recommended is not given, most companies that make these machines do not recommend this water for babies and it should not be used to mix formula. It is not recommended until a baby becomes a toddler, eating a variety of whole foods. For pregnancy use, it is reported to be optimal though it should be approached with caution as there is not much information available supporting this topic. It will be an expensive decision that should be well researched and thought out as many doctors agree that it is just another inflated health gimmick. Proof that drinking alkaline water to maintain a specific balance of pH to improve health has not been sufficient, and it is not approved by the FDA or recommended by the majority of doctors. 
My final thoughts on Alkaline Water:

Since there is not much out there regarding Crohn’s and drinking alkaline water, I am determined to believe that it can help me. My dermatologist and acupuncurist are huge advocates of me buying a machine. In fact the dermatologist who I look up to immensily for his knowledge in alternative care has been given the machine to do a study on its effects of patients with Psoriasis. He personally met a guy who cleared himself of Colitis by drinking alkalized water. This man’s colonoscopies show no signs of Colitis after drinking the water for a few months. After his Dr. saw the results for himself he was so amazed he is now referring this treatment to his other patients. Its hard to determine alkaline machine’s credentials because I like to see evidential studies on paper showing positive results. It makes clear sense to me that when your body is acidic, it can wreak havoc in on so many levels. I eat a pretty strict diet, full of alkaline foods, but I want to reach deeper. I want to feed my body at a cellular level and hydrate my cells properly and try to achieve more of a balance. I am really considering buying a machine for myself.  

In my research I found this website to be incredibly helpful. It is a guy who had good results with drinking alkaline water and started blogging about it and sharing the positive results he found through others. There are some fascinating articles on there and a wealth of information.

Just warning you that they are expensive! I am saving my pennies for one! Here is a link to the machines sold on amazon. To me, I think the less expensive machines will be just as good to me as the ones that are sold for thousands more. This is the machine being sold on

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  1. Ionized alkaline water does not only cleans your inner body part, ionized alkaline water also improves your physical appearance. It rejuvenates your skin does making your skin feel fresh, smoother, keep from drying up, and detoxifies.

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