ut-oh a flare!


Sorry I have not posted in a little bit! I visited my younger brother in Richmond this past weekend. It was a great getaway and my first experience being away from my home fridge since being on this diet. I will admit, it was taxing trying to pack everything I needed and trying to limit the supply I brought. I was only there two and half days but I seemed to think I needed a lot. I prepared a big serving of quinoa and sauteed garlic kale and steamed broccoli. I also had a container full of fixings to make salad boats. Lots of snacks were packed too!

I knew we would be going to dinner both nights. I was so so surprised at how accommodating the restaurants were. Both had a gluten free/vegan menu to offer. I’m learning that most restaurants are accepting that there is a huge venue of gluten free folks and offering specialties to cater to us. Don’t be afraid to ask before you sit down if they can accommodate you!

I also found the BEST Whole Foods I have ever visited in Short Pump, VA. Wow, the store blew my local Whole Foods out of the water with their stocked shelves, abundance of colorful produce and products I’ve never seen. I found a few things I’m excited to share with you! I got a little too excited for the huge salad bar and loaded up a bit too much on crunchy roughage stuff (not good for my intestines in large amounts!!)

Salad bar yumminess
Warm food from Whole Foods bar (I had tofu- don’t tell.)

I ended up flaring very badly coming home from Richmond on Sunday and into Tuesday morning. It could be a million different reasons why I flared and what’s most aggravating about them is that they come on so severe, so sudden and without warning. This is the FIRST flare ever I came out of within a few days. Typically they last at least a week, mostly having an ER visit for pain management.

Why I think I flared:

  • Consumed a lot of hard nuts/seeds
  • ate raw cabbage – not fermented (used to never be able to eat this, don’t know why I even attempted)
  • eating out (not 100% positive how food is being prepared)
  • travel (a big onset for me)
  • stress (was stressing over stupid little things – when will I learn?)
  • stopped Turmeric (anti-inflammatory) for a good week because I ran out
  • not getting enough sleep
Making this list is a big learning process for me on how to avoid flares.
 Richmond finds:
I absolutely LOVE popcorn. Its really hard to digest and hard for Crohnie’s with our delicate intestinal linings so I avoid it at all cost. I found this Corn-free popcorn made of popped Sorghum. I was sooo excited. It tastes just like the real thing. I don’t think I will be consuming it in large amounts because although there are no hulls, they still seem “rough” to be eating. If you must satisfy your popcorn craving these are safer then the real thing!
Kernels are teeny tiny and very cute. 

Excited to see new brand of Coconut water but was a big disappointment. Stay away – this tasted like dirty socks. I almost spit it out! I’m on a Chia kick lately. I haven’t tried this yet but will let you know when I do!
picked up fresh organic watermelon and mixed berries. 
Forgot how much I love Hemp milk – made cereal out of berries and some Granola mix I picked up. 
this was so good in the mornings – and I snuck some in for dessert one night too!
For breakfast I sauteed sliced tomatoes with olive oil and added my already made quinoa and kale. Delicious! 
Big salad on car ride home from Richmond. Homemade dressing made from Hummus, Braggs Liquid Amino’s, water, olive oil, and chipotle spice. 
This  was my arsenal against my flare:
I always go on strict liquid diet because nothing can make it through the inflamed intestine (which is cause of the pain) I loaded up on Coconut water and fresh pressed juices from Liqueteria and also bought a Carrot Ginger Soup for when I could eat soft foods. I also made a vegetable broth that I let simmer with kombu, miso, lemon and garlic cloves.  I bought more Turmeric and also bought Boswellia (another anti-inflammatory herb) Calming tea along with cups of Chamomile always help me when my body is in freak-out flare mode. 
 Yesterday was my 29th birthday…Yay! Due to me being sick I had to reschedule some plans but I still went out last night with someone special and got these beautiful earrings! I absolutely adore them.

I bought some yummy new products at a natural food store I found in the city so I will be reviewing them in the next few days! 
Stay posted xoxo


2 thoughts on “ut-oh a flare!

  1. Happy birthday! So sorry about the flare! Ugh, so annoying, mine come the same way, with no warning! I've talked to people that are lucky and can catch theirs early but for me, the first sign is blood! Not cool! Anyway, beautiful earrings! And I hated that coconut water too! Haha! I can't eat popcorn either, which is a bummer because my hubby loves it and it smells sooooo good! I actually craved it so bad when I was pregnant that I bought some small kernel popcorn kernels online. Organic too! I ate it while pregnant with no problem. But I'm scare to try it now since nothing bothered me while pregnant. :). But my research brought me to it from people who can't handle real popcorn, so it is probably safe.

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