Choose Happiness.

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I have been kind of M.I.A. these last few days partially because I have been doing a juice fast and work has been really busy for me. Another huge reason for my absence is that my boyfriend is back from being away for 2 months! I have been catching up on spending time with him and I have never been happier with his good company 🙂 So I apologize if this post is not too exciting today…I haven’t been in the kitchen a whole lot so I don’t have fun recipes or food pics to share. I do have some neat new products I came across within the last few weeks that I haven’t shared yet. Today is the day I will finally get to them!

So first off I want to tell you why I had to do a short juice cleanse. Last post I said how finding optimal digestion is such a journey. Well this last week or two definitely has been a journey alright. An aggravating one! No matter what I was eating, I was getting very bloated and uncomfortable. Nothing had changed food wise, but I do know how nervous and excited I was for my boyfriend’s return. I was nervous mainly because I didn’t want my tummy acting up when he came home. The perfectionist in me was thriving way too strongly off my deep thoughts. All I wanted was the days of his return to be perfect and without any tummy troubles.  It’s amazing how far my mind can wander in controlling my symptoms. I took action. I started meditating to calm my worry-some thoughts, I was going to yoga every Saturday and doing some stretching and breathing techniques in the mornings, I was drinking calming and ginger tea, taking enzymes, eating my vitamins, consuming smaller meals and chewing as much as I could….yet for some reason I was having a very difficult time with my digestion. The closer the date came to his return, the more worked up I got that things were not going to get better. I therefore had to intervene with a juice cleanse to clean things out and get back on a clean track.

I save all my glass bottles and re-use them for big batches of juices.

Now I can sit here and come up with a million reasons added on to these worries why I think things were off with my digestion. Could it be my anatomy and the way my intestines are twisted and full of scars? Could it be I’m getting too much fiber? Too little water? Is my food-combining off? Is my pro-biotic working properly with my body? So many factors.  Sometimes it drives me crazy to wonder why it’s doing what it’s doing which in turn begins the whole process of my over-driven thoughts. I will admit I think way too much about all this and it is something I am working on letting go of. One thing I do know is now that my boyfriend is back, I am forgetting about my worries. He makes me so unbelievably happy that I’m forgetting about the bad thoughts that have been plaguing my mind recently. Not only has he been so understanding to my Crohn’s but he always reassures me that no matter what happens- if I have a bad tummy day, if I have to cancel plans, or if I need to rush to a restroom, he will never look at me differently. He is trying to teach me to let go of the what-if’s. He reminds me that we will deal with them as they come. There is no point in worrying about them if they have yet to even arrive. So true, yet so hard to train your mind to get there. I’ve come far, but still need some mind-tweaking.

My point here is this: If you are doing everything right by the books as far as feeding your body healthy things and treating it right but you are still not at a point of optimal being, take a look at your mind. Yes, that little dome of yours can be in such control of your body! There is such a deep mind-body connection with your thoughts and your digestion, that its too incredible to dismiss. Kris Carr made a comment in her last newsletter that made me smile. She said “Always remember, your cells know. They have ears. They listen. Think about it.” So true. If you have negative thoughts going through your mind, your body reacts. Step back, take a deep breath and clear your thoughts. From there, take a moment to delve deep into your conscience and try to discover what it is that is holding you back from being the best person you can be. It may not come right away. It may come upon you in a eureka moment days from then. Don’t rush to it. Like I said, its all a slow journey.  For me, it was a matter of finding true happiness. That is where I began to realize what happiness does to my whole-being. My boyfriend’s positive attitude, caring nature, the way he makes me laugh and smile and the reassurance he gives me is something I needed in my life and if you can find people like this that reassure you with positivity, gravitate towards them & don’t let them go. Happiness doesn’t need to come from anther person either. It can be within a hobby, passion, or even a thought. Go out and find something you love to do and bring that joy into your life on a daily basis. It could be something as simple as walking through the fall leaves down your street or hugging your pet. Do at least one happy thing for yourself everyday. Reward yourself with joy and overcome whatever it is that is stopping you from achieving full health. Surround yourself with people who bring you positive energy. Do things that unlock your true inner happiness. When you are in a moment of true joy, capture that feeling and re-create it over and over again in different ways. You may just find how addicting happiness can really be – for your mind, your being, and your physical body.


Product Reviews!

I miss putting yogurt in my smoothies! I have been searching for a non-dairy, sugar free yogurt that doesn’t contain Carageenan. (additive that can cause digestive issues) Low and behold Cultured Amande Almond Yogurt. It is so good. Same consistency has thick dairy yogurt with a subtle almond taste. Perfect! I saw recently they sell small containers in all kinds of flavors at my local Whole Foods. I got these big containers at Deans, a local health store near me. 

If you haven’t tried Rawbundant’s products yet, I’m urging you to give them a whirl! I met Zoe, the owner and operator of this small raw foods business as she was doing a food demo at my local health food store. Everything I sampled was sooo good. I ended up buying the Sweet Vanilla Cream Style Cheeze to put on the Rosemary Raisin Buckwheat Crackers (what a great flavor combo!) Her Bavarian style nut cheeses are so creamy, so decadent. The next time I go there I am getting the new herb cream cheeze. It tasted just like the real thing and I love how there are probiotics in them. I cannot wait to try the new “Mexican Beans” made of sprouted sunflower and pumpkin seeds & sundried tomatoes. They may just be my new replacement for the food I cannot endure yet always crave. 
You can place orders on everything but juices by emailing or calling her : 
(908) 494-9696

For some reason, cabbage, including the raw kraut that I love so much just hasn’t been sitting with me well so I made the switch to these. Wow – they are so yummy. You can definitely taste the ginger which I love because this it helps with digestion.

So listen. Sometimes a girl just needs bread. I know Udi’s is not Vegan because it has egg whites in them but sometimes I just need to indulge in the doughy goodness of Udi’s creations. I was excited to find Millet-Chia Flavor bread at Whole Foods! Cinnamon Raisin Bagels – yes please! I use these toasted to make my PB&J’s that I often crave. I haven’t tried the Gluten Free Tortilla’s yet but I can tell my there consistency and appearance that they will be much better then the Brown Rice Wraps I get at Trader Joes. I will let you know how they are soon.
Yum – this was really good. I liked the fact that it had Flax seeds, Protein, Greens & even Chlorella. I still love my Apple Cinnamon Pure Bars the best but this is pretty up there for having more nutritional value. 

I got these Raw Breakfast Treats at a my local health food store. They were just ok. Kind of bland and too crunchy for my taste. It seemed to be all buckwheat which crumbled everywhere as you took a bite. Won’t be getting these again. 

I’ve been wanting to try these Garden of Life Raw Powders for a long time. This is packed with all great stuff but unfortunately did not please my taste buds.  I even mixed these with milk, berries, peanut butter…seems like no matter what I put in, the chalky cardboard taste still came through. I will definitely be sticking to my Sunwarrior Protein!

I absolutely love Danielle’s Veggie Chips, especially the Coconut. I saw this new flavor and had to try them. They were really good. Too good to be healthy. So I investigated and emailed the company, for there wasn’t any information on the bags or their website on how their chips are made. To get them so crispy, they fry them then bake them. Eww. I will not be buying these anymore. Yes, they have less fat than potato chips, but the fact they are flash fried is not appealing to me at all. 

Last but not least, MimicCreme!! How neat is this? I made Tomato Soup and poured some of this goodness in there to make it rich and creamy. It has a very subtle taste to it alone, it didn’t change the taste to my soup, just the consistency. I think I will definitely be finding all kinds of uses for this. 
Question of the day: Do you guys ever find your digestion changing out of the blue? What do you do to get back to normal?


11 thoughts on “Choose Happiness.

  1. i love this post!!!! i've had uncomfortable symptoms too lately and i wen through lots of worry and panic. i got through it though- by to just stop worrying about every possible bad thing. and just let go and trust that it will all be okay 🙂

  2. Gosh, we are so similar! I'm not surprised though, us crohnies think alike. Unfortunately! I didn't know that about careegeen (lol, however it is spelled). I find the Whole Foods brand almond milk doesn't contain it. They use sunflower lecithin for a thickener. I actually add raw sunflower lecithin to my smoothies anyway for iron and some other nutrients. The only vega powder I like, actually, I love!!! Is the Choc a lot shake n go! It's chocolate heaven! 🙂

  3. I love the info about your boyfriend. I feel the same way about mine. He is so loving and brave even at times when I can't be…and usually (usually) isn't fazed by my neuroses :). I believe if you found an amazing guy you ATTRACTED him by doing the inner work you needed to do and putting out amazing energy to the universe. I also think you are on to something with noticing the nervousness coinciding with your digestive issues. Stress is such a huge part of inflammation. So happy for you things are under control. I have been working really hard on not obsessively measuring things (my poop-sorry TMI…my bloating on a minute to minute basis). I sometimes let it ruin my day if I feel like I have "back slid" but really it's a process that leads to healing. Quick question-I know you have the breville…how do your juice cleanses go? do you feel like you can taste the juices oxidizing with it? How many do you bring to work? Do you go by a certain plan?Much Love,Morgan

  4. Pureglow: I always repeat to myself things will be ok and keep reminding myself that the worst that could happen isn't so bad. Its so hard sometimes but it always ends up working out somehow. Lauren: I NEED to get my hands on this Vega Chocolate goodness you keep talking about. It sounds so yummy. I ran out of Sunwarrior and I'm going through protein smoothie withdrawal! Maybe tomorrow in the city I can get my hands on some. :)Morgan: LOVE your blog btw! I could write so much on how supportive and comforting my boyfriend is. He is great for me. So glad to hear yours is as well!! I completely get it when you say you can let things ruin your day – as positive as I am, I still occasionally let it get me down but always try to check myself and think "good thoughts" Its tough sometimes though!OK: answer to your ?'s I love my Breville for the fast juicing it does and the easy cleanup afterwards. I have to admit that it doesn't taste as "clean" as some of the fresh pressed juices I can buy in NYC, but it does the job – I feel great after drinking them and thats the whole purpose. 🙂 I really don't have a plan when I cleanse. I'll typically make 3 green juices for my main meals. In between those meals, I'll make something more sweet – carrot apple lemon celery ginger and my new thing is adding chia seeds to 100% juice (I like cherry juice with added lime) The chia seeds help to "sweep out" the intestines. If I am hungry I will eat something that has a lot of water content, such as sliced cucumber or celery sticks. I also like to drink a lot of aloe water along with coconut water during the cleanse. If I am really starving I will make a protein smoothie in the morning. I never go hardcore with my cleanses and do JUST juice. I used to but I prefer not to anymore. Its all about just cleaning things out and giving the intestines a mini vacation. To me it does wonders 🙂 Take a look at or to get some ideas on cleanses.

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!!! I had an omega juicer but it was suuuuuper old so I just bought the breville elite (after agonizing over which juicer to buy for like a week LOL) and it's supposed to come on Wednesday. Can't wait to explore cleansing. And thanks for reading my blog. It's a work in progress :).xoMorgan

  6. Hey – No problem Morgan! It honestly makes my day to help or answer any questions people have 🙂 Trust me, I was freakin out trying to make the right decision on my juicer. I must of read every review on amazon 2 or 3 times! I know 3 people personally that own the Breville and they absolutely love it. I am sooo happy with my purchase and I think you will too. I'm so excited for you to start juicing! Let me know how you like it when it gets here…xoxo

  7. Lauren, you can get the individual packages of the Choc a lot smoothie powder at Whole Foods. The whole bag is kinda small for $30, so I get a few of the individual packets every so often.

  8. Hi Lauren. Thank you for the great review of my RAWbundant Nut Cheeze and Buckwheat Crackers. I'm so happy to hear when a customer enjoys our products. It puts a BIG smile on my face. :)))P.S. To the other Lauren here…I love you too!

  9. Hi Zoe!!! Thank you for stopping by and saying hello! That alone puts a big smile on MY face!! 🙂 I really look up to you so much after reading on your blog how you started your business…the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, the tears…you have come far and things can only get bigger and better! Let me know when you are at Deans again and I will come in and say hello!

  10. I loved this post! I've been MIA as well so I know what you mean about being busy and then stress kind of getting to you. I also loved what you said about choosing happiness. So true! Hopefully everything's going better now = ]

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