I survived Thanksgiving!


The holiday rush has been eating up my time to blog, so I apologize for my absence. I hope all of you had a wonderful and healthy Thanksgiving! My holiday was great, filled with family, friends, loved ones, and good food. I am so happy to say that this is the first holiday I got through without a flare. (YAY!) I think I can proudly say it is because of my new raw/vegan diet.

Let’s not try to hide it: the holidays are prettttty tough for people on a restricted diet. I knew this would be a huge test for me and my will to avoid bad food as its surrounded me at holiday functions. I’m happy with the control that I had on Thanksgiving Day (no turkey!) but I will shamefully admit that I ate a few bad things.  The last few weeks I’ve been kind of bad with sneaking in wheat, dairy and (sigh) a little meat.  I’m not going to beat myself up too much because, heck, we can’t drive ourselves crazy striving for perfection ALL THE TIME. When I am craving certain bad foods, I do everything and anything to steer clear of them but I know some days I’m going to break and give in.  I feel I live such a healthy lifestyle now, that sneaking in something bad once in a blue moon will not kill me. If anything it teaches me a good lesson: bad food = bad times for my body. Its amazing how quickly I feel like crap when I eat bad foods! Its only reassuring to me to be able to compare how good I feel on a raw/vegan diet. I think as time goes on, I will be cheating less and less because of course, eating a no-no meal is not worth being sick for a few days. Although as much as I know what the negative outcome will be from eating these things, I still battle with myself – when I get a craving it is so hard to control those thoughts. Slowly I am learning though that its just not worth the trouble it causes. Maybe one day I will completely turn away from all bad foods. Maybe not. All I can do is try.

How did you guys do during Thanksgiving? Any cheating or did something set off any bad symptoms for you? Would love to hear!

Instead of making all separate foods for myself I went the easy route and ordered my meal from a local Vegan Chef/food truck….the Cinnamon Snail. I was so excited to have a piece of his culinary magic on my plate during our Thanksgiving meal.

Appetizer: raw sunflower seed “wings” 

wild rice stuffed tofu (huge portion!)
 cranberry relish
 cornbread stuffing
 garlic smashed potatoes
 sage rubbed kale

 Raw Pumpkin Pie for dessert! Yummmy.
Tried to eat small portions. I did ok with the corn this time around…only had a taste! My aunt is a vegetarian so she always brings mushroom gravy. 
I was in charge of making a dessert and I always have the same request. I wanted to make something healthy but since everyone wants my usual Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle, I opted to make it a little healthier without effecting the flavor too much. I made whole grain ginger bread instead of regular. used a healthy, organic, non-hydrogenated whipped topping, used organic pudding mix and halved the amount of sugar. 

My family in which I am thankful for the most!

Off the wagon and now I am jumping back on.
This week I am back in the game. No more cheating. As a result of my bad behavior, I have a cold. Guess that’s what I get for slacking on my green juices! Yesterday was my first day of eating healthy again and I feel amazing digestive wise. Now I just need to get rid of my little cold. Let’s hope its a quick one.
To help battle the sniffles I made a great pot of 
ginger garlic miso soup
I will be sharing the recipe in next blog post. Its really yummy and good for your tummy too!

3 thoughts on “I survived Thanksgiving!

  1. I had some wheat over the long weekend. My baby's birthday cake was vegan, but not gf and I had some! I also had some bread! My tummy wasn't doing too good on Sunday, but I'm feeling better now. Took my last prednisone on Sunday! First time in almost 2 years that I'm off of it, thanks to entocort!! 🙂 now i def gotta keep away from wheat.Glad you had a great holiday and are feeling well!!

  2. Lauren, Thank you so much for posting about your Thanksgiving! I am so glad you are not beating yourself up about what you are eating and instead giving yourself credit for the amazing job you are doing and all of the strides you have made in healing!!!!! I had a little bit of a set back as far as portions during the holiday. I actually cooked almost the entire meal and it was all vegan and about 40% raw. The only issue is that I am still healing myself so having lots of salad, nuts, etc. and just large portions in general had me feeling not so fabulous. I am getting things under control (again my case is extremely mild and so I very gratefully do not have horrible symptoms, just some unpleasantness that makes me wonder about the future). I think we all should congratulate ourselves for the healing we do every day. xoM

  3. Lauren – I'm so HAPPY for you!!!! Congrats for getting off that mean ol' prednisone. I've been thinking of you and wondering how you have been doing with your meds. Let's hope and pray that Entocort keeps you in check for a while to come! I have a good feeling it will :)Morgan – Thanks so much for your sweet thoughts. You are so right – let's look at all our strides we made and what we have been through to get where we are today! So glad to hear you had a good thanksgiving. I know that eating all that roughage is tough on our systems so just watch your intake and keep things like salads nuts and whole veggies to a minimum. Maybe pureeing into soups, juices, and such will help? Any case– mild or not, it still will cause uncertainty for our future – try not to worry. You are on a good path! I see only positive things for you in your future with the good attitude you keep. xo

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