Holiday Spirit & Controlling Negative Thoughts

Last weekend was such a joyous one. Not only did I get to spend time with my mom’s side of the family Thanksgiving day, but the whole clan on my dad’s side (over 30 of us!) got together the next day for lunch at my Aunt’s. We don’t typically get together on holidays so this was an extra special occasion. It was really really nice to have everyone together. The newest addition of the family, my cousin’s baby (as seen on the left) was the main highlight of the evening. My poor boyfriend hadn’t met my family yet, so I chose that day for him to meet EVERYONE. I give him lots of credit for that – I know I would of been so nervous to meet that many family members in one shot! Needless to say, he was a hit with all of them and did a great job at fitting in. I knew he would.
That night my boyfriend and I decided to have Christmas Tree Decorating Night. We lit the first fire of the season, brought down all the ornaments, decorations and the tree from the attic. We opened a bottle of wine, had National Lampoon’s Holiday Vacation playing on the TV followed by ELF. We even bought our first ornament together earlier that evening and proudly hung it upon the tree. It was one of those nights where I couldn’t stop smiling and relishing in the moment. 

Everything seems to be going right in my life and its amazing how good my health is going along side with my happy heart. I seem to be filled with such joy that I’ve never felt before. I love my job, I appreciate my family so much, I love the cozy home I have created, love my new relationship, and I am so happy to have good health. I can’t remember when I have ever felt this good. I have an abundant amount of energy and such a positive outlook on life.

I look back and compare this feeling to how I used to always feel in my old ways of thinking. I used to dwell on the bad things happening in my life. I would tend to only see the negative things going on and it seems like with a negative outlook, negative occurrences tend to follow. I strongly believe from firsthand experience that happiness can effect your health. I notice that the old way in which my mind worked only had a way of bringing me down. Now that I am back standing up strong with my head high, I feel like I have no fears. No worries for the future. I’m just enjoying every moment in the present state. What I feel now is what I want to always feel going forward. I’m going to try to remember to always look ahead with bright eyes and an open heart. Never look at things in a negative light, because it WILL alter your outcomes.

Negative thoughts be gone!

A little tip to rid of any bad thoughts: This is what I do whenever negative thinking starts to form in my head. I picture it this way because I spend a lot of time in my car. If you want, you can picture yourself riding a bike, running or even having a wave capture your bad thoughts and carrying them out to sea.

Picture yourself driving down the highway and rolling down your window. The wind is blowing through your hair and the whipping air is drifting into your car. Imagine you can grab hold of your negative thought right out of your head….now toss it out the window. Gaze into your rearview, very briefly, for you don’t want to lose sight of where you are going. Take notice to how fast that negative being is being carried away by the wind. Now close the window, turn up the music, start singing, or just recite to yourself that it’s far gone down the road. Its all behind and you are moving ahead.

Hey, it works wonders for me, maybe it can help you too!

Some of my favorite things at the moment:

Essential Living Foods
A really yummy tasting sugar replacement. Doesn’t taste like coconut, nor does it have the bitter taste as most sugar substitutes do. To me it tastes like raw sugar and sweetens my tea and coffee perfectly. 
Teeccino Coffee herbal replacement. Sooo yummy! 

Best dairy-free Creamer I have found.

Forte Teas – especially Chai! I love the cute little leaves that sprout out from your mug while sipping. 

Vega Shake and Go 
Oh my goodness, are these good!! I am loving these in my morning smoothies.  So flavorful!

I’m really into anything ginger right now and these are pretty darn good as a sweet snack. 
Caraway Crisps remind me of my favorite type of bread – Rye! I like eating them plain with sliced tomato or avocado.

Food for Life English Muffins
I cannot get enough of these. I’ve been having one every morning toasted with Earth Balance & strawberry jam or honey apple butter. They are warm and crispy and even have similar “nooks and crannies” like the real english muffins!
Yogi Ginger Tea
This tea has been really helping me with my digestion. I try to drink a cup in between each meal.  I add lots of honey to help make it less “spicy”

Tomorrow I will post my 
Ginger Garlic Miso Soup. 
I’m feeling much better today from my cold!  

Do you have any favorite products you can’t get enough of right now? Do share!

5 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit & Controlling Negative Thoughts

  1. Beautiful tree!Love that exercise, I'm going to use that with my negative thoughts.So funny, my brother brought his girlfriend to my daughters party to meet our whole fam for the first time! Everyone loved her… All 80 of them! ;)Glad you like Teechino! And I love all of your favorites too. I have to try coconut sugar, I've seen in, but never bought it.

  2. such an amazing post, Lauren!!! I love it. I have needed to get the negative thoughts away, with feeling sick and everything. i know how much positive thoughts effect your health for the better so this was a great reminder! xo love the tree, too!

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