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The holiday madness has captured me! Not in a bad sense. It’s only captured my time, which is why I have been a little absent here in the GLB.  Believe it or not, I’m not stressed for once over the shopping, baking, and making gifts. I’m enjoying the slow ride I’m taking till Christmas.  My attitude is that it will all get done – no rush. It almost makes me laugh to watch everyone driving around with there hands white-knuckled around the steering wheels getting mad that the person in front of them didn’t go the very second the light turned green. Or the disgruntled looks I see on peoples faces while waiting in lines. Or better yet, the attitudes of everyone from the stress. Chill out everyone! Its Christmas! Its a time of year to enjoy the christmas tunes, family, lots of good eating, and pretty lights all around. Seems like our society has made this holiday a materialistic one making everyone pressured to get gifts and rush against the holiday clock.  Enough about that, I’ve got to show you all my lovely eats I’ve had in the past week or two.  (sorry there’s a lot!)

Ok so one product I’m loving these days is Raw Reserve Greens Powder by Amazing Grass that I found in a health food store in NYC. It has everything I need in one powder. Its gluten free, vegan and raw. Plus it has 25 billion live Probiotics. It doesn’t taste all that bad either – score!

My boyfriend and I have dedicated Tuesdays as Taco Tuesdays! Its fun to plan dinner on a meal theme night. I was surprised at how tasty these were. 

Quinoa Taco’s 
I bought everything at Trader Joes – the shells, red quinoa, taco spice packet and all the fixins’. I even made my own sour cream from their dairy free cream cheese. (I mixed enough water and lime juice with the cheese to get it to right “sour cream” consistency. It was delicious.)

I’ve been craving warm breakfasts so one day I made gluten free pancakes with blueberries!! 

Fresh romaine salad with fermented ginger carrots, radish, cucumber and seasonings. 

I’ve been eating a lot of white rice lately (I know. not too nutritional but its a “safe food” for me, giving me no digestive upset.) I cooked up some bok-choy in a little sesame oil then added vegetable broth and chickpea miso with ginger, garlic and tamari and cooked in down into a stew like consistency. 
Then on another Taco Tuesday I made fish Taco’s. I have to say they were so tasty! Since most of you are Vegan I didn’t add pics of the fish but this pic is all the leftover fixins’ we had. Yellow rice, red cabbage, tomatoes, cilantro and lime. I made a delicious white sauce to go on top of tacos that I found here. I made it Vegan of course! This sauce was killer…so good!
As always, my good eats from Quintessence, NYC. (my favorite Raw restaurant)
Peter’s Pot Soup
Blended tomato, yellow pepper, and cucumber soup, enriched with dulse, basil and a dash of propolis that boosts the body’s healing power. Talk about nutritious!

Baby arugula, sunflower sprouts, mixed baby sprouts, goji berries and cherry tomato tossed with a sweet-spiced fig cardamom dressing topped with caramelized walnuts.
I treated myself to a Teechino Cappuccino with fresh nut milk and spices- I got the Vanilla flavor. Teechino is a great coffee alternative I’ve been enjoying lately.  

I’ve been totally digging this new brand of Kombucha and was so excited to see this Blue-Green Envy flavor that has green algae in it!

My friend Lauren inspired me when she posted something similar on her blog. Sometimes simple is so much better. I boiled rice and quinoa in water with one veggie bouillon cube. Then right before serving I add chopped kale to the pot to let wilt just a little. Added pepper, Herbamare, Dulse flakes and the KEY to this dish is lots of poultry seasoning (no worries, there is no chicken in this mix of spices). To me, it gives it a nice hearty flavor. Then I top with avocado. Ohhh how I love this dish….simple, satisfying and quick to make. 
and last but not least….
I have been trying to increase my intake of Chlorella so I made a fresh batch of my Green Energy Bars.

Until next time, stay well.

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