New Year of health!


I survived yet another holiday! This is now becoming a record streak of no flares. I’m so happy and thank my body everyday for behaving and treating me well.

The holiday has made me absent with posting so I apologize. I don’t have much to post as far as meals go because I’ve been too hectic to stop and take pictures. Plus I will admit that I’ve been a little bad with my food choices. It hasn’t sent me into a flare though because I’ve learned that if I stick to a 80-20 diet, I’m safe. (80% raw/vegan, 20% regular cooked food) Although, for the New Year I would like to get back to eating a consistent raw vegan diet with minimum amount of cheating. I don’t feel my best when I eat gluten, dairy or meat but it doesn’t put me into a severe state which is why it’s so easy for me to make the wrong choice. This is something I need to work on. I need to remind myself of how good I feel while eating healthy. Eating bread or dairy just shouldn’t be worth the upset stomach but my taste buds seem to think otherwise! All they want to do is eat bad food! Once I start eating more healthy again my cravings should die down.

Since the start of the new year makes us think twice about healthy choices, I have made a list of things I would like to achieve within the upcoming months.

1: become more active with my yoga practice
2: make more recipes from my collection of raw cookbooks
3: be more creative
4: run after my dreams a little faster
5: add an extra green juice into my day
6: be more conservative with money
7: start taking public transportation again to work
8: walk more

On to the good eats…
One morning I decided to attempt to make Scrambled Tofu with tomatoes and spinach. It was great and definitely satisfied my craving for eggs. Next time I make this I will make sure to note how I did it and share the recipe with you. 

I went to a local Italian restaurant one night and they had Papa Ganache Vegan cupcakes so I brought one home to enjoy on Christmas.  It was chocolate with peppermint vanilla frosting. So yummy.

On Christmas morning my mother has her famous sausage egg bake. I decided to make my own little dish with all safe substitutions. I did use eggs for this as the base but just the whites! (those are safe for me) I used a Sunshine burger for the “sausage” and gluten free bread and dairy-free cheese. It tasted just as good as the original recipe! 

Santa (my mom) brought me a brand new Vitamix!!! My very own first high speed blender. I was super excited to get this and cannot wait to make some tasty and healthy smoothies. Still experimenting…but I’m sure I will get down some good combo’s soon enough so I can share. 
So far my favorite is:
Almond Milk
 Almond extract – one or two drops
 big handful of spinach
 Vanilla Protein powder
2 bananas
also this one:
Almond milk
2 bananas
tsp of Teechino or instant coffee
tsp cinnamon
vanilla protein powder
tsp of raw cacao powder
I also made my first raw green soup. It was topped with raw “rye bread” croutons, red pepper, cucumber, spinach and squash. The picture looks way more delicious then it actually tasted. It wasn’t the consistency I was looking for and the taste wasn’t as appealing to me as I had hoped for. Next time I will follow a recipe! 
A few new products I’m enjoying right now:

It was good but needed to be doctored up with a little cinnamon, dried strawberries and raisins. I will be enjoying this as my morning snack at work this week!
Raw “Rye” bread by Raw Makery I picked up at local health food store. 

Here I made a sandwich with spinach and sliced veggies with a smear of olive tapenade. I really enjoyed this bread because it was hearty and large to make a descent size sandwich. The price was right as well for four big pieces of bread. The taste was spot on too – not too much caraway for an overpowereing rye taste but very reminiscent of my favorite bread flavor.

This brand of yogurt which I picked up in a store in NYC is not Vegan because it is made from milk but I wanted to try it because it was lactose free. This isn’t something I will be eating a lot of because it is non-vegan but when I am craving the taste of real yogurt I will treat myself to one of these. It was thick and delicious with a touch of honey flavor.  Very yummy addition to my smoothies!
What are some of your resolutions?

8 thoughts on “New Year of health!

  1. Yum, I live a good tofu scramble! I haven't had one in forever!So glad you are staying flare free! What a great way to bring in the year!I'm sooooo not a fan of raw soup, so I understand that it looked better then it tasted.

  2. Thank you Lauren!! Yeah I was choking down the green soup…the one I get in the city from Quintessence is actually really good so I am practicing replicating that.Giamano's in Bradley Beach has Papa Ganache! Also Funk and Standard Store in Red Bank has this cute little juice bar that sells them too. πŸ™‚ Hope you are feeling well!! xo

  3. That's great! I must try! There is an Italian place in Redbank with vegan and gf options called via45, I want to try it out. Also, in Redbank, a Chinese restaurant called temple. I heard it was really good. They have vegan and gf options too! πŸ™‚

  4. No way! My boyfriend's mother gave us a gift certificate to Via45! I'm even more excited to go now! I've never heard of Temple. I must try that as well πŸ™‚

  5. My resolution is to find more time for me – to do things that are going to make me healthier – yoga, acupuncture, and more raw food! Those cupcakes look so good (even though I would probably just eat the icing). You have to try the vanilla version of that cereal. So good!

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