New Years Goals & Flare Scare!


The New Year is getting off to a good start. I’m really trying to accomplish my new resolutions, although I would like to revise my list if thats ok:

1: become more active with my yoga practice
2: make more recipes from my collection of raw cookbooks
3: be more creative
4: run after my dreams a little faster
5: add an extra green juice into my day
6: be more conservative with money
7: start taking public transportation again to work —-> tried and it was more expensive, took more time and it was more stressful for me. So I will continue to drive to work. Hey, at least I tried!
8: walk more
9: turn off the lights when not using!
10: breath a little deeper each and every day
11: lessen my sugar intake
12: use my chair massager more!

13: limit daily caffeine intake
14: cut down on processed gluten-free breads and eat more raw versions instead

The other day I am not sure what caused it, but I had a little “flare” of some sorts. It was a little alarming to me because there were new symptoms involved that I never dealt with. Luckily it passed after 48 hours and I am feeling great now. I am not sure if it was even a flare or something I ate but whatever is was, it got my attention to get back on the healthy train. Too much cheating going on these past few weeks due to the holidays!! I think it was a good sign to wake myself up and get back into eating high raw/vegan foods. I’ve increased my green juices and probiotics and have been eating light but well the last 3 days which has made me feel like a million bucks!
I made an italian pasta salad (corn pasta from TJ’s) with lots of veggies
carrots, garlic stuffed olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper and kale. Sprinkled with oil & vinegar and salt & pepper.

One of my many green smoothies I’ve been enjoying with lots of kale hidden in there!

On Friday night I got takeout from Good Karma Cafe – my favorite raw nachos

I also got a Live Lemonade (apples, lemon, ginger) and their special soup – Potato Leek.
mmm…everything was so yummy. I love treating myself every once in awhile to raw takeout. 

With my little flare I had to do a little BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) to get things under control. This way of eating really helps to bind things up, which is what I needed!

Kale, cucumber, parsley, lettuce, celery, spinach, lemon, apple, pear.

All of that goodness into this magical glass of juice. Felt great and very energized after drinking this!
I know Rye is a grain that has gluten but with research, I discovered that it does not contain wheat. Some people with wheat sensitivities can handle rye, as long as its 100% rye. I was excited to see that my local Trader Joe’s carries 100% rye loaf. I’ve been enjoying this the last few days toasted with Earth Balance and my Grandma’s homemade raspberry jam. My body feels really good after eating this so I think I can say that Rye is safe for me. I also discovered while researching how healthy it is for you. Who knew? 
Rye contains high levels of protein and fiber. It also contains good amounts of iron, calcium and zinc and a whole slew of B vitamins.

Rye is good for digestion, aiding in cancer prevention and also diabetes and heart disease prevention.

I bought a few new raw goodies I can’t wait to share with you  – also, I will be posting the Veggie Burgers I made tonight in a few days!!! They turned out great 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Years Goals & Flare Scare!

  1. Glad you are on the mend. Still waiting to start remicade, over here! Must look for that bread. And I'm thinking of going to Good Karma next month for my birthday! Can't wait!

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