Veggie Burgers and Raw Goodies


It’s kind of dangerous working in NYC. I’m in such close proximity to so many green markets and raw stores. If I walk outside on my lunch break I’m always walking by somewhere I’d like to go into. In all cases I do just that and I buy. I buy a lot. I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest raw and healthy food to satisfy my needy taste-buds. Sometimes I stay put at my desk and order delivery just so I don’t wander over to my favorite health-food store or juice bar. I don’t necessarily need anything when I go in, but I always seem to walk out with a justifiably big bag of new purchases.

Here are some new items I picked up this week:

Gnosis Raw Chocolate – claims to be the World’s Most Nutritional Chocolate. They have sooo many tantalizing flavors. I picked up Cinna Fig which has Cacoa beans, almonds, figs, agave, black currants, cranberries, cinnamon, blue green-algae, and Love. There was a slight hint of cinnamon in each bite and lots of chewy and crunchy elements. I love bars that have added stuff in them. Brings me back to the days of eating lots of Chunky Bars with my Poppop. 
Then there was the Fleur de Sel flavor. Who says you can’t have a healthy dose of salt and sweet in one bite? the ingredients: Cacao beans, agave nectar, blue-green algae, fleur de sel salt, pink himalayan salt, love. Two varieties of salt deliver 92 minerals while also aiding in digestion the box claims. Super yummy. Not overly salty. Just right. Not as “creamy” as my other favorite raw chocolates but still good to me! 
Both these bars were dreamy to eat. My chocolate sweet tooth is sometimes hard to satisfy – and these did the trick. I really like the fact that there are lots of healthy ingredients, not just raw chocolate. 

I also picked up these Chocolate Coconut Chia Kale Krinkles. OMG. I had to stop myself from eating the whole bag. So delicious. One issue though – there is added Cane sugar – no bueno! I can’t believe I missed that ingredient before buying. Nonetheless, I now have the base to make my own batch at home! Will be experimenting soon with this recipe. 
My new snack to have in my bag for hungry attacks are Sun-dried Tomatoes 🙂
I also picked up a Raw Revolution bar. These are really not my favorite. I don’t get really excited when eating these. I gave it another chance because the Raspberry flavor seemed like it would be yummy. To say the least it was kind of disappointing in flavor. 
I’m really on a green juice kick. I can’t get enough of the stuff. I’ve been giving small samples to my boyfriend and now I  have him requesting me for some! Amazing for a meat and potatoes kinda guy. So happy he is acquiring a taste for it – its one of the healthiest things he can add to his day. I would love to make it a morning ritual for the both of us to drink our green juices together 🙂

Homemade Veggie Burgers

inspired by these

 This was my first attempt to make my own veggie burgers at home. I was convinced by the recipe on Oh She Glows…and low and behold – a pretty darn good burger if I don’t say so myself. Even my meat-eating boyfriend approved! Wow. That says something. 

Yield: 8 burgers

1/2 cup onion, diced
1 large garlic clove, minced
Flax eggs: 2.5 tbsp ground flax + 1/2 cup warm water, mixed in bowl
1 cup oats, processed into flour* (other flours might work)
1.5 cups bread crumbs (I processed 3 pieces of GF bread)*
1 cup grated carrots
1 cup cooked lentils, rinsed and roughly pureed or mashed
Heaping 1/4 cup finely chopped parsley
1/3 cup slivered almonds, chopped
1/2 cup sunflower seeds,
1 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tbsp Tamari (soy sauce)
1.5 tsp chili powder
1 tsp. cumin
1 tsp. oregano
Kosher salt and black pepper, to taste (I used about 1/2 tsp kosher salt)

2 tbsp Worchestire sauce (vegan kind)
few drops of hot sauce


1. Preheat oven to 350F (if baking). In a large skillet, sauté onions and garlic in 1/2 tbsp oil. Mix your flax egg together in a small bowl and set aside for at least 10 mins while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

2. Place all ingredients (except spices and salt) into a large mixing bowl and stir very well. Now, add seasonings and salt to taste.

3. With slightly wet hands, shape dough into patties. Pack dough tightly as this will help it stick together. I made 8 medium patties.

4. Cooking methods: You can fry the burgers in a bit of oil on a skillet over medium heat for about 5 minutes on each side. If baking in the oven, bake for 25-30 mins (15-17 minutes on each side) at 350F, until golden and crisp. For the BBQ, pre-bake the burgers for about 15 minutes in oven before placing on a pre-heated grill until golden and crisp on each side. Our preferred method of cooking was frying in the skillet!!

GF Note: To make these burgers gluten-free, use certified GF oats, GF Tamari, and gluten-free breadcrumbs.

I made a raw spinach, kale, green onion “pistou” in my vitamix to smear on the buns. Just a little added nutritional bonus. 
These burgers were hearty, thick crusted, not mushy and very satisfying, especially when you loaded up on toppings…I added sliced pickles, mustard, ketchup, avocado, and “green smear”

Make a Raw version!

 Just replace oat flour with a raw nut flour, omit worchestire and hot sauce and skip step of sautéing onions and garlic. Cook in dehydrator. 
I just placed a big order with the Raw Food World – can’t wait to share with you all the treats I got! Check out their “At Cost” specials…great deals 🙂


4 thoughts on “Veggie Burgers and Raw Goodies

  1. i wish i lived in NYC so there were MORE OPTIONS! we have to buy all online. when i was in NYC i went crazy-!your burgers look really yummy. veggie burgers homemade are MILLIONS better than store bought

  2. Yum, those burgers look so good! Jealous that you can get all those yummy treats in the city. We use to go all the time, but now we barely go because of the baby. I love Gnosis chocolate, they just started selling the bars at my Whole Foods. Too bad they are so pricey! If I got my hubby hooked on green juice, you can do it too! 😉

  3. I tried kale chips for the first time a few weeks ago and LOVED them. I'm not raw but eating those made me want to be. That veggie burger is also making me want to go raw. Yum!

  4. Welcome Haylee. So glad you stopped by to say hello 🙂 Eating raw is a slow process, the more you get into it, the more you realize how great it feels!! Glad to hear you are dabbling in the raw food world…keep it up!

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