Today was a good day for me. I began my workout routine again. I’m tired of sitting all day. I sit in my car for 2 hours on my way to work, I sit at my desk for almost 6 hours straight, get back in my car again for another 2 and then most likely will plop myself on the couch after dinner to only sit again. No wonder my back has been giving me problems lately! The cold weather demotivates me to workout but it’s time ladies and gentleman, to get my butt off that seat and get it into gear. I told my boyfriend that if he joins me at the gym, it will keep me motivated. He agreed, which I am so excited about. Gym! Here I come! My friend Lauren suggested to leave my yoga mat out all the time and as simple as that may sound it actually works. If I have something staring at me in the face, its going to be hard to walk by it. I don’t know about you, but a yoga mat on the floor is always a warm invitation to stretch. Even if I stretch for a few minutes, I know my body will thank me. 
It snowed here last night  and it was a good excuse to stay inside all day. Perfect opportunity to get some workout time in. My boyfriend is away this whole week, so I didn’t feel guilty rearranging the living room into my little gym for the day. I did have one BIG distraction though! My cat. Bowie loves the yoga mat. He bites it, tries to crawl under it and attacks my feet when I am in the middle of a sun salutation….not fun! Oh and then I caught the little bugger eating my mulberries that I just bought…silly cat. 

These are the two videos I did. The Get Ripped is intense. I picked a few workouts instead of the whole video because I want to start slow so I am not too sore. I highly recommend her videos – they are great with getting you fast results. Denise Austin I just absolutely love. I think I own every single one of her workout DVD’s. Her soothing voice and flow of exercises is easy on the mind and body while having just enough challenge to work your body in a great way. 
You want to know what has been motivating me to finally attempt to get the body I’ve always wanted? This. I am a huge Pinterest fan and spend way too much time on it. One board that I have and one I will always look at before I work out is the motivation board. 
Afterwards I finished with a spoonful of Glutamine (to prevent muscle soreness) and a big protein shake. 

Post-workout Popeye smoothie:
Almond milk
big handful of spinach
teaspoon of powdered greens
teaspoon of Maca powder
scoop of Sun Warrior Protein Vanilla flavor
one banana
I have a big pot of Red Lentil Sweet Potato Coconut Stew in the Crockpot as well. My house smells really cozy. Now time to start a fire and get in my jammers and fuzzy socks 🙂 
When its done, and if its good, I will share the recipe with you tomorrow!!!

stay warm and healthy

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