Macomile Tea recipe

I made a beautiful tea yesterday that I was so happy to discover. My friend posted a Maca hot beverage recipe and I took that experimented with a few additions. 
I tried it with black tea, green tea and chamomile. All were great but I’m sharing with you my favorite and most beneficial version using chamomile. 
Chamomile is a very soothing flower, helping with stomach aches, easing the symptoms of irritable bowel, promotes elimination and helps overall digestion. It has immune boosting properties, helps in fighting off colds, can relieve menstrual cramps and it is a very good sleep aid. Drink this tea before bed for a lovely calming effect or just when you feel like getting cozy. It does just that! Don’t feel like getting cozy or calm and rather have a little pick-me-up in the mornings? I enjoyed a cup this morning with black tea and it was the perfect way to start my day. Mix and match with your favorite tea πŸ™‚
Maca is an ancient Peruvian root that has been used for thousands of years as an immune strengthener, a libido enhancer, and endurance/stamina increaser. It also helps promote hormonal balance for both men and women and is beneficial towards sleep quality. It doesn’t stop there though. It is a rich natural source of calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese, as well as a wide range of protein amino acids. Maca root also supplies vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C, D and E. It has a nutty, slight caramel flavor that pairs perfectly with the chamomile.

Drink up!

Macomile Hot Tea
1 cup milk of your choice (I like almond)
1 tsp honey or sweetener of choice
1 tsp Maca root powder
1 chamomile tea bag
sprinkle or pinch of cinnamon
Warm milk in a small pot. Add tea bag and let steep for a few minutes. Next, whisk in the Maca root powder, stirring constantly. Then add honey and cinnamon, whisk all together. Serve immediately. 
Trader Joe’s now sells raw organic wild honey!


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