Kitchen closed. Lots of take out!


I have been a little lazy in the kitchen these past few weeks. I’m just in a little slump of not wanting to prepare food when I get home. Its late. I just want to get in my jammers. The only thing I see myself doing is plopping on the couch like a little bump on a log. These last few nights I haven’t been eating all that great because couch sitting usually means laziness which means its easier to just grab an unhealthy food item and start mindlessly munching away. Ugh. Yuck. So yesterday and today I have whipped myself back into shape and am cleaning up my act. Sometimes you need to kick yourself out of the habit and remind yourself that the bad foods are not worth it! To help myself, each time I want to grab something bad, I associate it with hospital time. No way! I don’t want to go there! So half the time I think this way, it works.  The other half of the time, you ask? Well, I pay for it. You live and you learn. I’m only human. I DO know that I can’t go on binges of bad food for days on end. A little here and a little there won’t hurt and I am fully aware that it isn’t helping my healing but this is the best I can do for now. I remain strong 90% of the time and to me I think thats pretty damn good compared to where I was a year ago.

So this is what I have eaten these last few days.  

Not one thing was homemade in the GLB kitchen which makes me want to hang my head down low :sigh:

Though I will admit, when someone else makes it, its so much tastier. Why is that? 

This right here is a winning combo folks – mango, cucumber, & avocado roll. It was wrapped in soy paper and rolled in a special 8-grain rice. Delicious!

I’ve been enjoying Lydia’s Raw Cereal as my mid-morning snack. I add freeze dried strawberries, fresh blueberries, maqui berry powder and raisins and add almond milk to it.  The milk turns a beautiful purple color which makes me smile. 

I have been drinking Liqueteria’s All Green’s with apple juice almost every day. And these are raw ramen (kelp) noodles with raw pickled kimchi, daikon, and shitake mushrooms in a sesame ginger broth. I cannot get enough of these. 

These are carob green snacks I picked up at my health food store. They are chock full of green powder, nuts, raisins and other good stuff. Great to have when you are craving a little chocolate. 

I also picked up homemade lentil soup from the health food store that day. They added liquid smoke so it smelled amazing. Although it tasted wonderful, this did not sit with me well. I am starting to learn that lentils are not friendly to my insides. It also had tons of onions which do not do well with me either! I think I may need to add lentils to my NO LIST 😦

Here is another “bad” food I had. I have been craving bagels  this last week and had to compromise with myself and go with a gluten free bagel topped with Tofutti Cream cheese. Even though this may seem like a “safe” food,  I don’t think it agreed with me. This was the first time I had Tofutti Cream Cheese and let me tell you, I loved it, but I think it’s just a little too processed for my diet.

I am now on the hunt for a good raw bagel recipe with homemade cashew cream cheese

For lunch today I ventured off to a new raw cafe in NYC that I just discovered – Rawvolution. How did I not know about this place? As I was a couple feet away from the door a wasp of freshness and scents of raw food came right at me through the open front door. Yum! Right then and there I knew I was in for a treat. Funny how pure uncooked food smells so good to me these days. 

Check out this heavenly case of all Raw fresh meals! 

I bought the Schezuan Noodles (kelp noodles with stir not-fried veggies & cashews in a schezuan sauce) for tomorrow’s lunch. I did sample it and wow. so good. I ate this salad for lunch today. It was so simple yet tasted amazing. Kale, cucumbers, celery, sprouts and green olives in a lemon oil dressing. 

For dinner tonight I had the Big Matt. (hehe) Wow. Oh wow, oh wow. BEST raw burger I’ve ever had. 
It had pickles, special sauce, cashew cheeze and everything. The burger was hearty and dare I say “meaty”.  It was on raw onion bread but thankfully not too many onions. (hopefully I will digest this ok!)

Can’t forget about dessert. I bought raw cookie dough balls. These were really tasty but since I don’t consume too many sweets these days they were a little too sweet for my buds. 

I bought these special little juices today as a treat for myself.  
I will share more info on them & how they were in a few days! 



2 thoughts on “Kitchen closed. Lots of take out!

  1. I usually don't have issues with lentils, but I had some last night that didn't sit well. Hmm.. I'm looking forward to my 2nd remicade on Thursday because I am hoping that I will be able to eat all the raw food I want again! ;)Don't feel bad, when I'm not feeling well, my go to dish is fried tofu and broccoli from a Chinese takeout place, so bad for my tummy, but so perfect when you don't want to eat anything! Terrible, I know!! I actually read an article about how we crave bad for us stuff when we are in flares. Weird! The person said they eat pad Thai and other greasy food like crazy when they feel their worst.

  2. That is interesting….it's funny because the last few nights I keep thinking I'm about to flare but it always passes. Must be a teeny area of inflammation present…. I've been a little stressed lately so that's probably why. If you find that article pass it along! The fried tofu sounds delish either way. I wish we didn't still reach for knowingly bad food items!! Can't wait for your remicade too!! Hopefully it will keep getting better and better.

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