Health Update


On Tuesday I had a routine checkup with my Gastroenterologist. Last visit was in August when I was flaring every other week and weighed a mere 98 lbs. My diet consisted of a crap load of bread and processed goods, anything soft to be able to digest smoothly, there was a large absence of vegetables and fresh produce, far too much sugar, and frequent pain pills to numb the pain of intestinal inflammation. I couldn’t gain weight for the life of me, no matter how many calories I consumed. I was in the bathroom quite a lot and had occasional joint pain, and no significant energy that I can remember. 

Today, 7 months after starting my new diet and 6 months since last seeing my doctor, I weighed in 13 lbs heavier. I have a better complexion, a better outlook on life, and more energy then I normally ever have had. Today I realized that this diet is really working for me. I was skeptical in the beginning because I feel I need a certain timeline of no flares to justify that the diet and new lifestyle is in fact helping. I don’t want to say I’m in remission quite yet. Remission is a word not to be spoken lightly of. I will not give my status that title until my blood-work consistently shows my inflammation markers are remaining down and my colonoscopy results are positive. The colonoscopy is scheduled for end of April. From now until then I will be upping my intake of plants, supplements and stress-free living. I want my insides to be at optimal level. I’m actually looking forward to the scope because to me it will be proof, whether or not on a cellular level, that this is truly working. It’s obvious I am absorbing nutrients by proof of my weight gain. Maybe that means my intestinal lining is less inflamed and more at a calm state, willing to accept food finally. Healthy food! I’m so happy I feel this good. I told my Dr this is the best I’ve ever felt and it felt really good watching her copy those words down on the top of my chart in bold letters. I felt like I accomplished something. All these years battling my own body, I finally feel like I am in control. The best part about the visit though was that my Dr. was open to hearing about what I’m doing and is supportive to my decisions & actions. We didn’t even discuss meds and that made me really happy. 

These actions below have changed my life. I know it may not work for others, but I thought I’d share what exactly changed in these last 7 months for me. I feel like you can’t change just a few things – it has to be looked at as a whole, one factor effects another. I had to change my lifestyle, my outlook, and what I was feeding my body. Its a tough process, and it takes time to find out what your body needs. It took me about 20 years! I’m still learning and always will be. The transformation will be evermore. 

  • Nearly elimated eating red meat and pork.  (I used to eat a lot of sausage, steaks and burgers)
  • Eliminated Eggs, Gluten/Wheat, & Sugar
  • 90% no dairy. (I occasionally enjoy hard cheeses, which don’t bother my system)
  • Drink a lot of green juices/smoothies
  • Eat 80% raw
  • Eliminated processed foods
  • Eat 90% fresh organic produce in it’s pure state
  • Consume a lot of sprouts which are a good source of natural enzymes. 
  • Acupuncture & Chiropractic Care twice a week. 
  • Practice Yoga/Meditation/Stretching
  • I don’t worry about things anymore! There is no sense in worrying about anything…it gets you no where!
  • I try to see the good in everything and remain as positive as I can.
  • Cut down my caffeine to almost nothing (I used to drink a ton of tea throughout the day)
  • Turmeric and Boswelia supplements act as my “anti-inflammatory meds” 
  • Load up on antioxidants through different powders I add to my smoothies. 
  • I avoid things I know hurt my tummy (onions, cabbage, beans, sugar) I used to eat them knowingly that they didn’t agree with me, but nows its not worth it to me!
  • I remind myself to count my blessings each and every day which in turn keeps my mind in a healthy place. Healthy mind = healthy body. Always think that things can be worse. 

I want to thank everyone – my friends, family, my wonderfully loving boyfriend, and all of you reading for the love and support you’ve given me. I will continue on this journey stronger then I was yesterday and always will be willing to share my experiences and will continue to want to inspire all of you to take good care of yourselves.  Hope you are all having a beautiful day just as I am!



5 thoughts on “Health Update

  1. Yeay! This is so awesome — congrats on your health accomplishments! I've been there, and know how hard it is to heal the gut. Stay strong and keep doing what you're doing. Good for you for taking action — and being med free! xo

  2. Thank you so much guys!!!! Lauren you will be right back up with me soon enough :)) My secret for not worrying? ….hmmm…. Well rather then let those thoughts fester in my head, I just push them out real quick before they can even plant their seeds. I just don't even let them creep in anymore. Whenever the worries start, I take a deep breath and I say to myself-nope…goodbye. No room for you here and I force myself to think about something else. The present mainly. I bring myself back to the NOW and the time being rather then allow my mind to skip into the non-existent realm of worrying. 🙂

  3. Lauren from Spiced Plate – Thank you for your kind words and welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello….I now have a new blog to follow – the Spiced Plate looks right up my alley :))

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