Lazy Saturday Breakfast


Typically we dedicate Sundays to be our lazy day. I often call them Lazy Sundays because it’s a time for regrouping and preparing for another work week ahead.  This weekend was different. We spent the day Saturday lounging around the house in our pj’s, watching tv. What a better way to begin the relaxing day then with a big pancake breakfast. Wait,  maybe the breakfast was the whole reason behind our laziness? Hmmm…either way, every once in awhile one should indulge in pancake Saturdays!

I began with squeezing fresh orange juice. I like to mix a few navel oranges with blood oranges. So vibrant and sweet!

My favorite pancake mix is made by Pamela’s
When eating gluten free, making old favorites doesn’t have to be hard. I am not a fan of having a huge blend of flours on hand to make old favorites. Sometimes its as easy as having one bag in the cupboard for things such as this. 
Directions: One cup of flour and mix in one egg, water, and oil. Instead of an egg I use a “flax egg” 
Flax Egg
1 tablespoon flax meal
3 tablespoons water

mix and let sit for for a few minutes until thickened
I also was super excited to find gluten free vegan sausage patties at Whole Foods! 
They are made by Sol-Cuisine.
They were really yummy, the texture and spices were perfect. 
The best part was my boyfriend was unaware these were gluten free and gobbled up a plate (or two) of pancakes. I waited to tell him until after he was done. He seemed to be rather impressed and would definitely eat them again. Yayyy!
I thought I would share another breakfast idea. This one is fast and very easy to prepare. Whatever you have in your kitchen, nut and fruit wise, throw it on in there! Layer it and make it visually appealing so you feel like you are indulging in something special.

Yogurt Fruit Parfaits
I layered Coconut Greek Style Yogurt, Lydia’s raw cereal, diced dried Bing Cherries, and cherry almond yogurt. I finished it off by sprinkling raw cacao and drizzling honey on top. You could even make these the night before so everything settles and softens within the yogurt, but I prefer a little crunch in mine so we ate them right away. Once again it was BF approved, which we like!
Later on that lazy Saturday we actually had to get to it, and go to my goddaughter’s 3rd birthday party. Lucky for me, everything that was served was Vegan. I wish I took more pics because she had some great ideas. There were colorful rainbow fruit kabobs, kale chips, hummus and lots of dips…salads, vegan sausage and peppers, eggplant, and my best friend’s wonderful Vegan cupcakes! The theme was enchanted forest so there were toadstools, gnomes, and fairy theme items all around. She served food on platters made of tree stumps and sheets of moss, and she gave out garden tool sets and wildflower seeds as goodie bags. There was even a painting station where the kids could paint their own little birdhouses. I wanted to get in there and paint one!
She piped icing to look like little bird’s nests. So cute! Don’t tell anyone, but I had two.
 Bad Aunt Lou-Lou! Felt a little icky after eating that much sugar but I survived.
wildflower seeds 
Can’t wait to plant these!
Spring seems to have sprung here on the East coast and I couldn’t be any happier!!!!

My beautiful chive plant.
This turns into a huge bushel of chives by end of summer so let me know if anyone needs any 😉
Bowie loves staring out the window at the birds. 
Its finally getting warmer out so the windows were open 
all weekend…..ahhhh……fresh air!

Hope you guys have a healthy and happy week!


2 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday Breakfast

  1. Great post! Bowie is so cute!!!! And I have yet to find a good gf pancake, they always have a weird sweet aftertaste. I'm going to check out the ones you used. Happy birthday to your God daughter! She is so adorable (I saw pics on fb). And how awesome that it was a vegan party! Go Jen!!

  2. Thanks Lauren!!!! I find Pamela's tastes like a regular whole grain pancake…also you can switch out the oil for banana's or apple sauce I would think to make it moister. I'm going to try that in fact next time 😉

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