Milk & Cookies


I don’t get a sweet tooth too often. If I do, I head right for a piece of raw chocolate. Only a bite can satisfy my sweet tooth but sometimes a girl just has to indulge in a little cookie time. I don’t do it too often because sugar is a big no-no in my diet. I get the sugar tummy ache seconds after I consume too much, so once in a blue moon I will consume just a teeny bit. Everything in moderation!!

Ok, so even though its not part of my diet I was pretty darn excited to see ready made cookie dough that was gluten free and vegan at my local health food store. Too bad it isn’t sugar free but I guess it can’t be free of everything. I think this is a good thing to have on hand, if guests unexpectedly come over, if your husband or boyfriend wants warm cookies on a whim, or if you want your house to smell warm and cozy…heck even if you just want one cookie, you can do that with this handy tub o’ dough. Oh, and as a little tip, since these are Vegan, you can eat it raw right out of the container…mmmm. Just a little though. We don’t want you turning into a ball of dough now, do we?

I’ve got to admit. These cookies were AMAZING. Chewy and not a hint of gluten free taste to be found.  Tasted better then regular if you ask me. Take that tollhouse. 

2 thoughts on “Milk & Cookies

  1. I have seen those, must get them!!!I'm okay with sugar, doesn't effect me too much, but that may be because I only have a little too. Ihave a bite of raw chocolate almost daily. And on occasion some treats like Papa Ganache! 😉

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