Preparing for a colonoscopy more naturally…


Colonoscopies are not a topic of choice people often like to discuss. 

Typically on average you wait till you are nearing 50 to get your first colonoscopy (if there are no present problems before then of course.) For me, and for most people with Crohn’s and digestive diseases, it is a routine test we must take. I’ve had so many in my life time, yet they never seem to get any easier. Let’s be real – the prep is no fun! I’ve always followed the usual protocol for prepping that are given to you by the doctor. This time I wanted to be a bit rebellious against these guidlines and see if I could make it a bit more comfortable for myself. I’ve always flared after a colonoscopy and I know exactly why.

Let me paint a picture for you:

I’m eating quite a lot as normal, then one day I wake up and don’t feed my body anything but liquids. If like me, you were following the doctors guidelines you are drinking chicken broth (most likely from a box/can/cube), jello, (eww) sugar and dye filled popsicles and gatorade. Where are the nutrients here? Then you feed your body a crap load (no pun intended) of laxatives which is telling everything inside you to EVACUATE, EVACUATE!!! Not only is food and toxic matter leaving your body, but good bacteria too. My digestive system goes into shock mode. My insides are now in sensitive-mode and are being probed with a scope and being cut for biopsies. After the procedure I am ravenous and make my designated driver take me to the nearest diner for a filling meal. Here I am going from 0 to 100 again. Shock-mode!

Sound familiar?

So here is what I did differently….
This is only my testament to what worked for ME. What works for me may not work for YOU.

-You are told to stay away from seeds/nuts/raw food the week of the test. One thing I thought was good to do about 4 days before the test was to make Chia Juice. I know these are seeds but chia turns very gel like and can be soothing to your digestive tract. It is like a broom for your intestines. It is great for sweeping out old matter. (recipe below)

-I made sure to eat light and clean that week.

-Then it was time to prepare my body for action. Rather then just stop eating suddenly, I weaned my body into it with a two day juice cleanse. Rather then standard nutrient lacking prep protocols I was feeding my body with continuous vitamins from green juice, liver detoxing tea blends, and coconut water for electrolyte replacement.

-I also made homemade broth and lots of nettle tea to sip on to keep my minerals in check. The key is to stay hydrated. Always avoid eating anything red and blue too!

Now that I was pre-cleansing with juices, I was ready to flush anything remaining. You MUST make sure you are empty and cleared out to have a successful colonoscopy. The Doctor needs to get a clear view of your insides and not food particles that can be mistaken for polyps or ulcers or block the view of your colon/intestine walls. You don’t want to go through a 2nd prep do you? With that said, I do not advise against the laxative. This is an important step and must be taken even if you think you are cleared out.

Typically I am directed to take a whole bottle of Miralax. For my weight that amount is always too much. *(Please use your judgement for amount of laxative you need and always follow directions from your doctor on this. These are only my testament to what worked for ME. What works for me may not work for YOU.)

I tried a product called Natural Calm that I found at Whole Foods. I used my own judgement and took an amount that I thought was good for my body. I used a 1/4 Miralax and 3/4 Natural Calm. This product is AMAZING. It is used by people for many things – insomnia, muscle spasms, cramps, back injuries, headaches, ADHD…and as a natural laxative. It is strictly made up of Magnesium Citrate. I got immediate calming results from it AND it helped to clear me out. I now drink this when I have had a long day and want to calm down and sleep more soundly.

After the colonoscopy, I did not run off to eat right away. I brought a green juice to the hospital and drank this after my procedure. I had a light raw dinner that night with more fresh juice and the next few days transitioned back to normal eating.

So how did I do?

I did wonderful! My test was successful and I didn’t flare afterwards like I typically do. For the first time in awhile, my dr got the scope through my anastomosis (area of where my intestines were re-connected from my surgeries) Usually this area is so inflamed, a child size scope can’t make its way through. She got a clear picture, took some biopsies (which all came back NEGATIVE) and snapped some pictures. My results said that there was slight improvement since my last colonoscopy, there were less ulcers and the typically inflammed tissue in my colon seemed to appear normal. My Dr. supports my therapy and says to keep doing what I’m doing as long as I’m feeling well. This was wonderful news!! 

My tips to get through a prep:

-Transition to eating lighter and cleaner before test

-Make Chia Juice 4-5 days before test (as long as you can handle chia seeds) Mix one tablespoon with 8 oz of juice and let sit for at least an hour or until seeds have turned “gel-like”

-Do a 1-2-or even 3 day juice fast before hand. (Excellent companies that will deliver fresh juice directly to your door —-> Blue Print Cleanse & Cooler Cleanse

– Your mind is a powerful thing. Picture clear, bright and supple intestines days working up to your test. Picture light and sunshine radiating through your digestive tract, healing it as it shines through.

-Stay hydrated!! Drink lots of coconut water to refill your electrolytes.

-Keep taking your probiotics up until the test!

-After test, transition back to your normal eating SLOWLY. Eat clean, light & healthy meals until your body gets used to eating the way you are used to. 


19 thoughts on “Preparing for a colonoscopy more naturally…

  1. This is great! I'm going to try this next time. My last prep, I did smoothies and juices two days before and juice day before. I couldn't finish the Miralax if I tried!!! It's ridiculous that everyone gets the same dosage. How crazy that we would take the same prep as a 250 LB man??

  2. I know! I've always felt like I was drowning in Miralax by the time I was finished with the bottle and felt SO sick from it. I can't believe how much easier this way was on my body!!

  3. Hi Thank you for your post .I just read the instructions from my dr. for colonoscopy prep.I decided to cancel the appt I figured there has to be a better way.Since I read your post I will stick with the appt and try it your way.I am 115 pounds, do you think the quantity you described of 3/4 natural calm and 1/4 miralplex is sufficient?Thanks!

  4. I'm having the same distress about the prep because I've never done this before, I only weigh 91 pounds, and I am afraid of what 32 Osmaprep pills will do to my kidneys–if I can even manage to swallow that many pills! I'm pretty sure that half of them will come right back up anyway, and I don't want to have to repeat the prep. My concern for my health is the only thing keeping me from giving into my fear of an unpleasant prep experience and cancelling my appointment. I have many questions: 1. Do you drink the chia juice only once 4-5 days prior to the procedure?2. What kind of broth did you eat?3. I don't think I've ever eaten light or clean…what does that consist of? :/4. How much is 1/4 Miralax and 3/4 Natural Calm? Is that cap-fulls, teaspoons, bottles, etc?5. What probiotics did you use?6. Oh heck, if it's not too much trouble, can you just go over your exact process day by day? (Or at least one day as an example.)Thanks, I appreciate your help! You're a Godsend! 🙂

  5. Hi Lauren,So encouraged to read your post! As the previous poster, asked, can you specify what you mean about the 1/4 Miralax and 3/4 Natural Calm dosages? I too am not sure what you mean… Did you drink this mix all at once or over the span of hours? Would love to hear more!

  6. I am around the same weight, so yes I think this is plenty for you! The goal is to get everything out of your digestive tract and not so much as to worry about how much the exact proportions should be. My goal was to not have to drown my system with the heavy dose of Miralax as the Dr prescribes because it always gets me sick and distresses my system.

  7. 1. Chia juice should be drank 4-5 days before the prep. This is a good time frame b/c it is right before you continue into the true clearing out stage. The chia seeds will get things going, lubricate your digestive tract and help with inflammation before you clear things out. If you allow a few days before the colonoscopy to drink the chia seed, they have time to completely make their way out. You do not want to consume chia seeds anytime too near the colonoscopy date because the Dr could mistaken these for polyps. 2. I make by own Chicken broth from a whole chicken, with garlic, herbs and veggies. A homemade veggie broth will be just as good if you are not a meat eater.3. Eating light to me means no processed foods, no packaged goods. To eat all fresh fruits and veggies, small salads, fresh juices, smoothies homemade soups. No sugar, refined flours, bread or caffeine. 4.I have not provided exact measurements because everyone is different. I know what my own body needs in order to clear out. I understand some people may not so that is why I don't want to give exact measurement out. For me, I fractioned the Dr. recommended dose be less then half and cut the remainder with Natural Calm. For example – if the Dr recommends drinking a whole bottle of Miralax. I mixed only a 1/4 of miralax and filled the remaining amount with Natural Calm. 5. I use New Chapter Colon Probiotics6. As I said in #3, this is what my day consisted of – salads, soups, smoothies, juices, chia juice. Then I transitioned into just smoothies, and then juices until I was ready to do strictly broths and clear liquids.Hope this helps!!!

  8. See my response above. I never feel like drinking the laxatives all at once is the smart thing to do. I like to spread it out just so my body is not bombarded all at once!!! I'd say over a few hours I drink the solution. A simple tip : take the Dr's directions and just try to lessen the impact. Everything is still going to do its job, but you don't have to jam things into your body and evacuate things so suddenly! If you gradually empty your body, it will thank you that much more.

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  10. Thanks for this info! 🙂 I have to schedule a colonoscopy this summer due to family history of colon cancer and I’m really not looking forward to the prep. My doctor said 3 days before eliminate all raw/cooked fruits & veggies, whole grains, seeds, beans, etc. which is basically what I live on given the fact that I’m a vegetarian. I was freaking out a little bit! ha. I’m wondering if when you transitioned to just juices in the days before your colonoscopy you stuck with certain kinds? I know that I should avoid red dyes, so I’m guessing you avoid beet juice? Anything else? Thank you for your help! This is encouraging!!

  11. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Monday April 16 2018. The prep doctor wanted me to do is 2 Durclox and 3 caps full of Miralax every 5 hours. I weigh only 96 pounds this point and feel this concoction will make me sick. Since I have been sick I have eaten very little solid foods so I decided to do the prep starting Saturday. I have taken Natural Calm with success to help sleep this seems like a much gentler approach.

  12. Thank you for this. I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) and am allergic to anything petroleum-based – like the recommended laxatives, so I appreciate reading ways I can adapt – to my weight – to keep my poor insides safe. I have put off my second colonoscopy for 35 years, so I am grateful to you for helping me figure out a way to move forward.

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