Happy Wednesday!

As promised here is the recipe for the 
Pina Colada Smoothie 
that I shared with you on facebook
1 can Light Coconut Milk
1 cup fresh pineapple
2 frozen bananas
1 tsp maca
optional: vanilla stevia
The coconut milk really makes this smoothie creamy and dreamy to drink. Feel free to add some baby spinach to this too! 
Macro bowl with mint cilantro dressing and butternut squash soup. 
I’ve been eating a lot of macro bowls lately with hot soup on the side. A Macro bowl typically consists of steamed vegetables including kale, squash, a bean of some sort, seaweeds, tofu and a grain such as brown rice. A Macrobiotic diet is a way of eating that combines it’s meals according to the principle of balance. I always feel really good after eating macro bowls! 
Last week was my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday. I made a special trip to the famous Babycakes Bakery in NYC to pick up some of these gluten, sugar, & dairy free vanilla donuts. Only two fit in the box so I was left with 5 to myself. I don’t like having sweets like this in the house because I EAT THEM! I had one each morning for 5 days straight. Let’s just say I’m now back on the craving sugar boat. I don’t like being aboard that ship. Mmmm….I could go for one of these right now!
Mid-week my honey and I loaded the bikes on my new bike rack for the first time and took a sunset cruise down on the boardwalk. It was so much fun! We rode about 6-7 miles and worked up quite an appetite for dinner. 
We decided to go to Porta in Asbury Park. They have brick oven pizza that is so delicious. Unfortunately they don’t have gluten free, but they have Vegan pies so I cheated a little and ordered the Marcus pizza – san marzano tomatoes, cashew cheese, pear squash, garlic, watercress, olive oil and vegan pepperoni. Yummmmy! 
It was a beautiful crisp summer night and I felt like grilling. My honey wasn’t home yet so I wanted to surprise him when he arrived with a grilled dinner. To his dismay there was no real meat, but nonetheless I think he still enjoyed it.  Veggie burgers (Trader Joe’s Tofu Burgers) peppers, zucchini ribbons, tomatoes and scallions. I added mine to a pile of fresh picked lettuce from the garden and Bubbies Raw pickles on the side πŸ™‚
I was notified that I won a blog give-away for NuNaturals from the Grass Skirt Blog. I was SOOO happy to receive these 3 flavors – Vanilla (my favorite!), Orange and Lemon. If you haven’t tried stevia drops and not sure which brand to get – THIS is it. NuNaturals do not have the bitter aftertaste other Stevia brands have. I’ve never had the heart to spend $15 on a bottle but now I wish I had earlier because I now know what these things are worth. I now carry one in my purse, keep one at home and even have some in my desk at work. They go great in smoothies, coffee, tea, raw desserts…and this next recipe. 
The Best and Easiest Lemonade EVER. 
First off, I finally bought a Citrus Squeezer! If you do not have one, get one. It makes squeezing lemons a breeze and a joy to do. It was about 5 bucks at Homegoods. 
Get a large mason jar and fill with filtered water.
Squeeze 2 lemons in there. 
Add 7-14 drops of NuNaturals Lemon Stevia. 

Feel free to get creative: 
Add basil.
Add Lavender.
Perhaps some Mint.
Or keep it classic & simple. 

Lemon water is so healthy for you to drink. Lemons are very alkalizing and a smart thing to start your day with. Before anything, try to drink a large glass of water with lemon in it. This will wake up your insides, get your digestive juices flowing, which in turn helps you “eliminate” in the morning. Those of you that rely on coffee for this, try doing the lemon water for a change. You may be surprised! It will help neutralize your acidity and prepare your inside environment for the day. Don’t leave this just for the morning though – drink throughout the day. Your body begs for you to hydrate it!

I leave you with a hello from Mr. Deer. I get such a kick when we get visitors in our backyard. He wouldn’t stop peering into our back sliding door so I snapped a shot of him.
Hope you are having a beautiful week! 


2 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday!

  1. Aww! I love seeing deer! We see them a lot on hikes.Drooling over all your delicious eats! And I totally need a citrus press.The bike pics are totally adorable! πŸ™‚ again, love the basket!

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