New Products and what I’ve been snacking on….

I mentioned on FB that I found the BEST goji berries. Here they are! Nothing like the brands I’ve been buying. These are juicy, plump and sticky! I can’t wait to mix these in with cereal, coconut yogurt, raw brownies and energy bars….they are filled with antioxidants! 
I bought mine HERE
You can throw them into smoothies too.
Here is a recipe from Young & Raw (LOVE these guys!)
Mine looked like this – I also added strawberries to help sweeten it up more because I found the original recipe a little bland. It turned out perfect with the added berry! I also love the beautiful orange hue the goji berries gave this smoothie 🙂
I loaded up on Pure bars with a big order to Amazon. I love how these are RAW, GLUTEN FREE, & VEGAN! My favorite is the Apple Cinnamon Bar. The Blueberry is tasty too, as well as the Cherry Cashew. Heck, they are all good!
These are a great snack for kids – entice them (or your picky hubbies) to grab by displaying in a big clear cookie jar on the counter.
These were a new flavor I had to try: Peanut Raisin. This particular flavor is not RAW but still made with pure simple ingredients. I love a short ingredient list!
They are made of peanuts, raisins, dates, coconut oil ,chia seeds…great for an afternoon pick-me-up with natural energy coming from the chia seeds.  
You can get Pure Bars HERE.
Another snack that I love to get occasionally are Danielle’s Toasted Coconut Chips. I am not  particularly a big fan of the company. I contacted them requesting info on how their vegetable/fruit chips are “toasted” and they informed me that they are fried, then baked. They taste great but no thanks – I’d rather not eat a fried, dead, vegetable. 
With that said, the only snack of theirs I do like as a treat, are these. Its a bag of giant coconut flakes that taste like heaven. I don’t endorse eating these all the time because I am not sure if they are fried or just toasted as the bag says. 
Speaking of coconut…I love sprinkling shredded coconut on top of fruits salads! I made a big salad made of watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, & mango and drizzled a little honey on top. 
I can’t get enough of these Watermelon Slushies! I just blend watermelon, strawberries, one peeled lemon and a can of coconut water.  Soooo refreshing! 
My boyfriend and I have been enjoying fresh Carrot, Apple, & Lemon Juice, or what I like to call Carrot Lemonade. It’s detoxifying, alkalizing and provides so many nutrients directly to the cells. The best part – it tastes amazing.  I find a perfect balance when I juice 4 apples, a small bag of carrots, and two whole lemons (skin on). This makes just enough for two or a large mason jar full for one. 
I made my first ever batch of flax seed crackers. I was so excited for them and to share the recipe with you but I’ve got to be honest – didn’t like them one bit.  All those tiny seeds stay in tact and do not breakdown and are roughage on my system. I don’t think my delicate intestines are fans of these. So I have no recipe for you – because they stunk!
I do however have an even better recipe for you~ 
Almond Milk Kefir

Talk about easy. This is a great way to get loads of probiotics into your body. By fermenting the probiotics in the almond milk, they proliferate and double in strength. Adding this as your base to smoothies will benefit your good bacteria count in a fast way! It will make your skin glow, strengthen your immune system, make you regular and help digestion. 
I found this recipe on Linda Wagner’s blog. 
I love her site – it’s filled with great information and beautiful, simple, healthy recipes. 
You can find the Almond Milk Kefir recipe HERE
Note: I went out and bought Jarrow’s probiotics just for this because 
Linda says these worked the best for her. Can’t wait to make my second batch of this tomorrow. 
One more goodie before I go….my friend Lauren from Ginger is the New Pink has been talking about how good these are….HOLY CANNOLI! I tried the White Passion tonight and it was AMAZING. I will definitely be buying more raw Sacred Chocolate in the near future. 


4 thoughts on “New Products and what I’ve been snacking on….

  1. We went swimming st my MIL's on Thursday and I had to stop at Dean's for more Sacred Heart! Lol! I'm determined to try every flavor! Did you know that it's David Wolfe's company?Kristen Suzanne always talks about those goji's! I had them in my cart for awhile, but the shipping threw me off. Gonna have to get them! My daughter loves Pure Bars, especially the cherry! Love that Trader Joes carries them. As for the flax crackers, I like to use ground flax. I know what you mean about the whole seed, I have that issue with chia too.

  2. I had no idea that Sacred was David's company! Interesting. So what flavor should I try next? It's funny, because I stare at them every time I go to Deans and try to talk myself into paying that much for a little bar…now I know it's totally worth the money! Next time I make crackers, def going to grind the flax into powder! Chias don't bother me but I know now quinoa does!

  3. You and I are too much alike…lol. Food and clothes are my biggest weak point too…I spend all my money on this, most on food…mmmmm…FOOD.

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