A glimpse into my (little) garden…


One of the places I love spending my free time is in my garden. Living in a townhouse, and having a concrete patio in the back isn’t ideal for having a vegetable garden, but I do well with planting everything I need in containers. I love more then anything the whole process of starting with a seed so small and watching it grow each and everyday into something so beautiful and sustainable.

When I think of healing myself, it doesn’t involve singly around what I am eating, its an all around physical and mental practice that involves many activities other then foods. Your mind is such an important key component in the healing process. To keep a healthy mind is to help keep a healthy body. When I think of a healthy mind, I think of positive energy. Staying positive, engaging in things that ease your thoughts and worries, activities that take you away into a special world of tranquility. That place for me is my garden. If my small little concrete patio takes me away to that special place of peace, I can’t wait to see what my future house will bring me!

Come take a tour…

My cucumbers are starting to climb!

Tomatoes, Parsley, and Jalepeno Peppers. I have every herb growing except mint and oregano. 🙂

I’ve had great success with my first batch of red lettuce so I started a BIG pot full (shown on right). Its growing in so fast…I also threw in some arugula. 

My honey is growing hops. It can grow up to 12″ a day! It’s amazing to watch this grow everyday. To the right is my zucchini plant just starting to grow. 
In the front yard I have a whole bushel of neon pink and purple impatients. My favorite shade plant to grow is Coleus. They are so vibrant!

Lavender Lemon Nettle Sun Tea

Juice from 2 lemons
handful of fresh lavender
1/2 cup dried nettle
few lemon slices to float around
filtered water
dropper full of lemon Stevia (optional) 

As I work in my garden I love having a pitcher of tea brewing in the hot sun. I look forward to having it over ice that night when I’m settling in from getting my hands dirty in the garden. These flavors meld so lovely together. Its refreshing, calming, and good for you~ I love the subtle hint of lavender in each sip. 

First you want to soak and swish around the lavender
in a bowl of water to remove debris or little buggies.
I like to add nettles to a nut bag so its easy to remove.

The other day I enjoyed a salad that was solely made from fresh ingredients from my garden. (except the Avocado of course!)
red lettuce, radishes, parsley, chives, & kale. 
super fresh, super yummy!

I’ll be back next week with a yummy blog post of
all my good eats!


2 thoughts on “A glimpse into my (little) garden…

  1. What a lovely space you have!!! We are always on the same wave length, the coconut water and now the lavender tea! Lol! All in my post today! 😉 good idea with the nut milk bag, gonna do that for now on!

  2. Wow, your garden looks amazing. What a pretty tea that is too. I made a great Japanese flavoured water for a party which I really enjoyed. I forgot how nice it was so thanks for reminding me. Your photos are beautiful. And what a satisfying feeling to be able to work all day in your gorgeous garden and then eat the produce for your dinner. I have been trying to grow vegetables for the first time as I've just moved into my first house with a garden but the weather in the UK has been so wet that everything apart from the greens have died, but that's the main thing I eat so I'm not too bothered. Thank you for a great post.

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