Raw goodies at the Cape


I’m super behind in food posts so get ready for an array of awesome food that I’ve been eating these past few weeks! I’ve been really trying to eat more RAW  because I just feel so much better when I do. Hard to stick to it 100% but I find it’s so much easier when I load up on RAW goodies and store-bought things, I tend to stick with it more.  Another way that helps me stick with it, is preparing things in advance for a week at a time. I tend to make batches of things on the weekends – for example, I will make a big container of raw coconut yogurt, 2 big jars of raw almond milk kefir, large containers of sun tea and lemonade, kale chips, crackers, cookies and freeze loads of bananas for smoothies. This helps my poor time management skills during the week tremendously.

With that said, let’s talk good eats now….

 I love simple fruit on it’s own but sometimes you just need to jazz things up with a sauce, dip, or sweet, or crunchy element. I made vanilla cashew date cream (recipe to come soon) and piped it into my hollowed out strawberries. Some I sprinkled with cinnamon and coconut palm sugar, and others I sprinkled with raw cacao nibs. Super healthy, super yummy, boyfriend approved….this cashew date cream is awesome to have in the fridge for dipping any type of fruit into it.
To hollow them out I used my nifty little strawberry huller tool. 
I bought mine from William-Sonoma HERE.
One weeknight I wanted something easy, raw and fast. Taco’s are such an easy thing to whip up. I soak walnuts for 20 minutes, drain, add a little taco seasoning and lime juice and a touch of water and process. Then you can pile romaine leaves with toppings of choice. I added diced red peppers, tomatoes, avocado, broccoli sprouts and AtV Sour creme. Last minute I threw some fresh diced mango on top and this is what made it! All the flavors were amazing!
I had some leftover components so I made this taco bowl for lunch the next day. Avocado and mango were meant to be together….mmmm. I also threw in some of my homemade kale chips on top for a little crunch. 
Speaking of kale chips, I can’t get enough of them! It’s a great way to get in your greens through a crunchy snack.  I do not like store-bought chips one bit, but when I make them myself they seem crispier, fresher and they become an addictive snack. I can eat a whole batch in one sitting! 
On Sunday morning (when I typically crave pancakes) I was craving something savory. I had some cashew cheese sauce in the fridge, so I massaged some kale with it, sliced some avocado and tomato, a serving of kraut and a little AtV sour creme to balance it all out. Delish! 
One morning I made the two of us a big papaya mango smoothie. Papaya is filled with enzymes that will help digestion as well as play a role in keeping inflammation at bay. It’s also filled with antioxidants and vitamins that support your immune system in many ways. 
I used 1/2 papaya ~2 mangoes ~ 2 dates ~2 frozen bananas ~ coconut water ~ 
The papaya made it very thick – I think next time I will only use a 1/4 of a papaya. 
Over the weekend we took a little trip up to Cape Cod where my grandparents live. Boy, did I need a vacation! My commute has been wearing on me big time, so it was so nice to escape the Tri-state area rat-race and go to a place so peaceful, beautiful and quite. My grandparents live right on a bay and you could sit out on the deck for hours just watching the boats come in and out of the marina. All you hear are the laughs of the seagulls, ship bells clanking, flags flickering in the wind and motors of the passing boats. It is always so good for the mind to escape to this place that I call my second home. 
view from the deck
After a long hike along the National Seashore and a dip in the ocean,
 my honey and I visited the Truro Vineyard Winery. 
Wine is raw, right? 😉 It was my first time doing a wine tasting – so much fun! 
I always used to cheat when I went to the Cape because my grandma loves to cook for all her visitors…nothing compliant to my diet of course! We are talking apple pie’s, Portuguese muffins, new england blueberry cake, cookies, clam chowder, bacon and eggs… THIS time I told myself I wasn’t going to do it. I packed a big cooler full of raw goodies. Needless to say, I stuck with my diet (with the exception of seafood of course… They have the best up on the Cape!) 
Here’s what I packed:
Love Force Sun Flax Raisin Bread was amazing! I ate this for breakfast smeared with cashew cream cheese by Dr. Cow. 
My local health food store carries this line called Awesome Foods. You also can order online HERE (they are out of PA) This Egg-less Salad was so delicious, especially on the crackers below. 
Talk about yum. These Raw Probiotic Crackers by Raw Pureness were crispy and full of flavor. I absolutely love how they have fermented cabbage in them – yay for probiotic foods! I will definitely be stocking up on these. 
Rayo De Sol makes a line of mini raw breads that are unbelievably good. They are soft, chewy and filled with flavor. I love the banana bread with Silk Rawtella on top. 
You can purchase both of these at Highvibe.com
I also picked up a raw collard wrap that had veggies and cashew cheese inside. 
Wasn’t my favorite but it did the job for lunch one day.
 Holy Cannoli!!! Jana, you are a genius. This is by far the best raw cookie I’ve ever had. These are chocolate vanilla bean, but there is also ginger vanilla that I sampled and are just as delicious! You can purchase them at Highvibe.com 
I’ve been purchasing a new a flavor of Sacred Chocolates each week – this is the Mylk flavor. 
So yummy!
Last but not least….I know this isn’t raw, but a girl sometimes just needs some pizza. 
I’ve sampled my fair share GF frozen pizza’s! As you probably know, its tough finding both a gluten free and vegan pizza. I was excited to see that my local health food store was carrying this new brand. It did not disappoint!! It was soft, had the crispy crust, the sauce was perfect and the addition of basil made this pizza so yummy. By far the BEST GF/Vegan Pizza I’ve tasted. This will be my go-to brand for now on. 
HERE is their website if you want to check them out!
Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday! 
I will be back soon with a post about my daily beauty routine…makeup, teeth-cleaning, shower accessories…etc.


5 thoughts on “Raw goodies at the Cape

  1. What a yummy post!! I neeeeeed that banana bread!!! And I love that raw egg salad on crackers too. I'm a big fan of Dean's collard wrap, sorry you didn't like! Must get that pizza too. Just ate and now I'm hungry all over again! 😉

  2. Lauren: I was so excited to see the famous collard wrap that you always get…it wasn't bad, just needed something, maybe some type of sauce? Def try the bread! I'm going to buy a new flavor tomorrow 🙂 will let you know how it is!Pureglow: thanks so much! The cookies taste just as good as they look 😉

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