World’s Best Veggie Burger?


I haven’t forgotten about my beauty routine post….that’s coming next. I promise. I wanted to premier a new product and feature it solely in this post. Yes, it was that good.

Let’s talk veggie burgers. I’m sure you have tried many, yes? Some of them crumble in one bite, taste like cardboard, are filled with beans or fillers. Then there are the ones that are loaded with wheat, soy and a long list of unpronounceable ingredients with a high claim to be “healthy. I don’t know about you, but I like simple wholesome ingredients. Sunshine Burger makes a great veggie burger that is just that. To be honest though, I’m more in love with the ingredients rather then the taste. Yes, I know. I still love you Sunshine burgers, but a new veggie burger just rolled into town and its going to be the star in my freezer for now on.

The two pack burger package was staring me down. “The world’s best veggie burger”. Can it be? Ingredient list looks awesome (nice and short), price is right, love the simple packaging. Ok – in my cart you go.

I’ve been seeing a trend around the blogs here with people claiming how good these burgers are so I was pretty excited to finally cook one of these babies up today. I didn’t make it just any ol’ way though. I wanted to make a super-duper veggie burger deluxe….pickles, special sauce, juicy tomatoes and all. For the “bread” I didn’t go with the traditional gluten free bun or lettuce wrap – I went all out and used a raw coconut wrap. Yes my dears, this was one hell of a good burger, if I do say so myself.

Yay! Incredibly wholesome goodness.

Here’s how I made my dynamite 
super-duper deluxe veggie burger pocket:

As my burger was sauteing in a pan with coconut oil… 
 I made the “special sauce” 
(or Vegan mayo will do just fine)
Assembly time:
Take your raw coconut wrap and shmear some special sauce on there. 
This is what the raw coconut wraps look like all packaged up.
Ingredients: Coconut Meat, Coconut Water, Himalayan Salt 
Next add some fresh organic tomato slices. 
Then some greens…I used fresh picked baby arugula from my garden.
and some fresh picked red leaf lettuce. 
On goes the hot veggie burger.
and more special sauce for good measures (and to insure the wrap sticks)
a little salt & pepper and fold it up like a little package. 
So the final feelings on Hillary’s Veggie Burger? I am a firm believer  and supporter of the world’s best. 
The texture was dense, held up in my thin raw coconut wrap and didn’t crumble once. The taste? Hearty, wholesome, a little nutty from the millet…and down right scrumptious. Am I talking up this burger too much? LOL. I promise I am not being endorsed – I just get so excited over new products that deliver what they claim. 
So get out and try one. They also come in Adzuki Bean flavor. This type of bean is very easy on the digestive track compared to any other bean!!
Oh and did I mention they are:
GMO Free
Corn Free
Yeast Free
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Egg Free
Soy Free 
Nut Free
Have a great day! 

Beauty Post coming this weekend 🙂


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