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If you’ve ever read behind a bottle of lotion, chances are you’ve noticed a long list of chemicals that you may not be familiar with. And many of these chemicals and synthetic products have harmful effects after years of use. I have never been too concerned with what beauty products I was using until I switched my diet to a plant based one and dedicated my lifestyle to being more GREEN. You may not realize, but what you put on your skin is just about the equivalent of eating it.  Skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs whatever you put onto it; therefore, it is vital to keep the ingredients that we use non-toxic. If you are concerned with what foods you put in your mouth, why not start becoming aware of every ingredient you place on your body?

Even if you are not a vegan, you should at least think about using vegan skin and organic skincare products. Here is why:

1- Parabens can cause cancer. Studies suggest that the same ingredients that are used as preservatives in many cosmetics and personal products have been linked to certain cancers. While the debate goes on about parabens, it would probably be best to buy vegan skin care products or organic skincare products, just to avoid all products with parabens and other harmful chemicals including phthalates (which can lead of various health problems due to its toxicity) and synthetic colors/fragrances (again due to carcinogen links). Parabens are suspected to be endocrine disruptors, and they have been found to mimic estrogen in laboratory experiments. Many people have allergic reactions to these preservatives causing skin rashes and irritation. Needless to say, there is a great ongoing debate as to the safety of products containing parabens.  It takes a lot of diligence to become aware of whats in your makeup and beauty products. REading labels more extensively and being aware what hidden ingredients mean. For example “carmine” is a colorant that is literally made from crushed bugs. Lanolin is a common ingredient in cosmetics, and is usually animal-derived.

2- Many “natural” products are not really that natural. If you are buying a lotion, sunscreen, or soap because it says the word natural on the packaging, beware! Read carefully the back of the product and check the ingredient list, it may indeed have a few naturally derived chemicals or essential oils, but it may also have synthetic chemical agents too. If you don’t want to make your own handmade vegan skin care products, check out The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics which lists organic skincare products that are safe.

3- Since most conventional products include preservatives and synthetics that deposit toxins in the bloodstream, it is best to avoid them all together. Over time the accumulation of toxins can overload the body and its systems from years of intake.

I have been slowly changing over my products and so far I am in love with everything I am currently using. Here they are:

Soignee Shampoo/Conditioner

This smells incredible! Doesn’t lather up too much, but shampoo naturally should not lather. The chemicals that make them lather are detergents or surfactants. Most shampoos have a surfactant like sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium lauryl sulfate.

Body Soap
No more bar soap for this household! 

While there are a number of chemical concerns, there are three synthetic components in commercial soaps you need to be most concerned with: 1) Triclosan; 2) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS); and 3) Fragrance.

Numerous studies have also found that the ongoing use of triclosan:

  • Has been shown to kill your skin cells
  • Dries your skin
  • Can aggravate skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Does nothing to prevent most illnesses, since colds, flues and more are typically viral (and antibacterial only kills bacteria, not viruses)
  • Dioxin, a highly carcinogenic may be formed during the manufacturing process of triclosan, making it a likely contaminant.

Finally, triclosan has now been found in 3 out of 5 women’s breast milk. It is also one of the most detected compounds in rivers, streams and other bodies of water, often in high concentrations, and is highly toxic to a number of different types of algae. This could have very destructive effects on aquatic ecosystems.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
One of the most dangerous chemicals being added to virtually every personal care product you can imagine, including soap, shampoo, conditioner, and cosmetics, is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

SLS is an anionic surfactant and the most commonly used chemical in car soaps, garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers and personal care products.

SLS has been found to have many side effects:

  • Eye, skin and mouth irritations
  • Membrane alterations
  • May be harmful for the brain, heart, spleen and liver
  • Chronic irritant contact dermatitis
  • Compromising the overall integrity of your skin barrier, rendering it open to exposure to bacteria
  • May actually harm cell function
  • Can corrode the hair follicle and cause hair loss


    95% of the chemicals used in fragrances are petroleum-based synthetic compounds.Most of these chemicals are not tested for safety. Manufacturers are only required to print “fragrance” on the label, nothing more.
    Additionally, a product labeled “unscented” may contain a masking fragrance. A product must be marked “without perfume” to indicate no fragrance has been added.

I know some may find this odd but I don’t wear deodorant. I rarely sweat and if I do, it doesn’t smell. I guess you can say I’m lucky but maybe this means I’m not working out hard enough…hmmm. Recently I’ve been trying to find a brand for my boyfriend to replace the chemical filled brand he currently uses. He tried the Pure Pitz below and said it felt like jelly sitting in his underarm. Yuk.  I want to try Kiss My Face brand next on him– it got good reviews in my research. The Scent of Samadhi on the bottom is very fascinating to me and although I don’t necessarily need it, I’m going to try this out. It sounds like it will smell yummy. 
Pure Pitz

Skin Care

I absolutely love ALL 100% Pure products!!!
I start with using the brightening toner (which I swear has lightened my badly freckled face). Then I mix a little Jojoba oil from Trader Joes with Coffee Cherry Sun Damage Cream to use on my face and neck. The Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream is something I use twice a day and let me tell you, this stuff is amazing! I used to have very bad dark circles and this has helped diminish those incredibly. All of 100% Pure products smell SO GOOD too. 

At night I sometimes use the brightening night balm. It gets my skin GLOWING. 
Once a week I also use the pineapple enzyme facial peel mask. It comes as a powder and all you have to do is mix a little water with it and leave on face for 10 minutes. It does a great job with renewing your skin’s surface. 
(That’s my beautiful mother in the background when she was my age!)


Hurraw Raw Lip Balms are amazing!!! I have many flavors and keep one everywhere with me. 
A line I discovered that is vegan and all natural is RMS Beauty. From the right, Living Illumination-when you want that extra little glow on your cheekbones. I love this stuff! In the middle is the Simply Cocoa Lip and Skin Balm. This makes your lips extremely soft and also helps any irritated or chapped skin. To the right is a sample of their cheek and lip tint. This looks amazing both used as blush and lipstick!
The rest of my makeup products are from 100% Pure. LOVE LOVE their Blackberry Mascara. This stuff even smells good! I used to be a real mascara snob, only buying my beloved brand from Macy’s which was super expensive. Low and behold this stuff, that is all natural and won’t damage my eye area like the other brands is BETTER! Who knew! This little tube has been lasting me for months too which is another plus. 
100% Pure also carries a few products that I will be purchasing soon:

Teeth Cleaning

I have always had teeth issues. Every time I go to the dentist I have a cavity, I’ve had a few painful root canals and I always had extremely sensitive teeth. I took care of my teeth too so I wasn’t sure if it had something to do with the Crohn’s or the conventional flouride filled products I was using. Since switching over to healthier toothpaste and mouthwash my teeth feel less sensitive and cleaner! Wish I did this earlier in life! This brand Auromere can be purchased here. I highly recommend it. 
Another alternative can be found at Trader Joes:
My new mouthwash is amazing! There are so many good things in this that are healthy for the gums and teeth. It also gives you that cool zing and fresh breath after using and tastes surprisingly good! 
Check out the ingredient list:
This nifty toothbrush was found at Trader Joes. It is made from recycled yogurt containers. The best part is when you are done, it can be placed back into packaging you bought it in and shipped off  at no cost to be recycled again! How cool?
I’ve realized how even fragrances can be harmful to your health so I’ve somewhat ditched my old perfumes and have turned towards this amazing line of natural oils by Auric Blends. Don’t worry, they don’t smell all hippie-ish! My favorite so far is Egyptian Goddess. I also have Hawaiian Fantasy. They come in rollers and I just roll some on my neck and wrists. Its very subtle – which is perfect for me because I am very sensitive to perfumes. I don’t like anything to strong. 
Sun Protection
I found this being sold at so I had to try. Although it does turn your skin slightly white , I love how smooth it goes on and is not oily at all. I love the ingredient list too 🙂 Check out their website here.

Things on my beauty wish list:
Have a healthy and happy day!


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  1. Great post!!! I love 100% Pure as well! That coffee face cream is my favorite, smells good enough to eat!!! Let me know how the liquid liner is. I use the stick liner from them and I'm not a big fan.Also, I have that toothbrush in pink and that mouth wash! Lol!!! Oh and I love that Trader Joes toothpaste. I have been using one by Nature's Gate, but the one you listed is in my amazon cart for my next bulk order.Wasn't a big fan of the Morocco Method shampoo and conditioner. Maybe they can send you a sample before you purchase?

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