Eataly, NYC & Cape Cod Family Fest….

Is it really August?
Oh these weeks have caught up with me and I’m very behind in posting! 
Let’s rewind back a few weeks 🙂
My mom came into NYC to visit one afternoon. Just like me, she is a big foodie,  so I thought it would be perfect to take her to Mario Batali’s famous Eataly. For those unaware of this Italian mecca – picture an Italian market on steroids – a whole block long, filled with anything & everything italian. Specialty foods, 5 restaurants right inside the market (one being vegetarian!), cooking classes, wine and cheese tastings, bakery, you name it, they’ve got it. It’s a very overwhelming place. The first two times I visited I ran out empty handed with my head spinning. This time was different though. My mom and I sat down and enjoyed a lovely meal in the upscale restaurant Manzo then slowly made our way through the market checking everything out.

For an appetizer I got baby artichokes with cranberry beans, arugula, & sunchoke chips.
As a side, we shared broccoli rabe…mmm…it was done perfectly and topped with frizzled garlic chips.
For dessert we shared this cute little hazelnut torte. It wasn’t gluten free but I’m ok to treat myself here and there. It wasn’t too sweet either which I love! 
Green Leafy Herb Heaven? 
Their produce section was beautiful. Everything was so bright and perfect. Although not everything was organic they had a pretty big selection of organics mixed in. I was pretty impressed. I wanted to take pictures of everything! I refrained myself though. 
From our little adventure, these were my souvenirs….an amazing almond amaretto honey, mandarin orange marmalade, watermelon radishes, organic peaches, organic raspberries, and a bright yellow squash. 
This honey drizzled over fruit is AMAZING. 
I will definitely be buying more of this stuff. (or perhaps trying to make my own)
Oh, and check out this watermelon radish!!! How beautiful right? Nestled underneath is a fresh picked cucumber from my garden. First one in fact that I’ve ever grown. Can I tell you, that it was seriously the best cucumber I’ve ever had! I don’t know if it’s the taste of satisfaction from growing your own, or if its because I organically grew it with love, but man oh man. I have been stalking the cucumbers that are growing now like a little maniac. I can’t wait to pick another! 
A few weekends ago we had our
 3rd Annual Family Fest up in Cape Cod… 
All of my Dad’s side spends a weekend at my Grandparents. There is fishing, boating, cookouts, beach time, and lots of good memories created.  This year I made official tee shirts for everyone. Don’t we look like a big soccer team?

Everyone made something to bering up, so I decided to make a big organic salad. I wanted it to be really colorful so I diced red and yellow peppers, yellow carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, green onions, heirloom tomatoes and watermelon radish over romaine. 
I don’t have a picture of the end result, but this was a little leftover that I brought on the boat topped with avocado. Unconventional snack to bring on the water, but it worked! 
There are really no options for Vegans in Cape Cod so I try to pack as much I can of my own. I was pretty excited to find this Asian Pan Glazed Tofu Steak with cabbage slaw at the center market in town.  It was delicious! 
My honey and I decided to rent our own place. Our grandparent’s cottage gets really crowded and we wanted our own space (and I wanted my own bathroom!) I found the greatest little cottage!  It was a wing off of the hosts house with a private entrance/private driveway. It was in the woods so it was very quiet, so peaceful & only a 2 minute drive to my family’s place. 
This was their vegetable garden on the side of the house! 
Zucchini plants everywhere! 
The best part? They wheeled in a tea cart each morning with homemade organic breakfast. They do not serve meat, but they did ask if we had any dietary restrictions. In these types of instances I will eat out of my strict dietary regimen because I didn’t want them to have to go out of their way to make two separate breakfasts for my honey and I. They were already making him a separate egg dish so I wanted to be happy with whatever they served me.  Most importantly, in moderation, these foods do not bother me so I just considered this a treat. 
Day one: I ate homemade cranberry walnut bread with fresh jam, 100% rye with vermont cheddar and fresh fruit. 
Day Two: Homemade Organic Yogurt with honey, walnuts and fruit. My honey got his eggies and homemade toast 🙂 
I will leave you with a few pics from my family weekend. 
My love.
My other love, Grampy. 
My mom & my honey. 
Cousins (& the newest little addition to the family!)
Out on the boat.
Lastly, the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen. 
Next post will be filled with my latest yummy recipes! 


3 thoughts on “Eataly, NYC & Cape Cod Family Fest….

  1. Beautiful pics!!! Our friend's family has a place in Cape Cod, he asks us to go, we need to take him up on it!!We went to Eataly once too, just walked around, I agree, so much stuff!!!

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