My Thanksgiving Dinner

A quick post to share my Thanksgiving with you all! 

My mom always makes the most beautiful table setting. 

She even has pom-pom turkey name holders that she made a few years ago. Aren’t they cute?

My family has a tradition of making stuffed celery appetizers for all the holidays. Even though its such a simple recipe, we all go nuts for it. Since the stuffing is made with cream cheese, I decided to make my own with hummus. Just as good! 
My Mommom and I. 
My cranberry sauce came out so good. I used this recipe but added fresh ginger, vanilla powder, maqui berry powder and orange stevia. I’ve been adding the leftovers to raw kale – sooo yummy. 

My mashed roasted garlic cauliflower came together really nicely. I loved it so much that I didn’t miss my mom’s delicious mashed potatoes.
Here was my all vegan/high raw thanksgiving dinner. 
For dessert, I decided to skip making something and instead bought this delicious little raw maple apple pudding cup from a local raw restaurant. It was soooo delicious. 
For lunch yesterday I mixed leftover mashed cauliflower with gravy and quinoa and added kale and broccoli and topped with cranberry compote. This was a great combo of flavors! 
Hope you all had a warm and loving Thanksgiving. Be back soon with good eats!


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