Spring is here!

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I’m a little behind so want to catch up by sharing my Easter with you. 
My mom bought me this adorable vintage bunny {isn’t he cute?} and I treated myself to Easter lilies and daffodils. They make the house smell divine!! 
Every year my Mom & Dad have Easter dinner at their house. We had a few extra guests besides my family, one of which was my boyfriend’s mother. It was so nice to have the families together for the first time. I guess you know when things are getting serious when you begin to celebrate holidays together!  {{big smile}}
As an appetizer I decided to make a festive raw version of deviled eggs. I followed THIS recipe but served a dollop of the mix in endive spears and topped with chives. They were a hit even amongst the regular deviled egg eaters! 
I made organic purple & green asparagus with shallots and lemon zest as a side for dinner but I ended up forgetting to bring it! {silly me}
They still got devoured during the week by me and my honey! 
For dessert I made THIS raw berry tart with coconut pastry cream. Instead of a big pie, I made mini tarts.  I topped it with mixed fruit instead because I wanted it to be colorful. Fresh chopped mint was sprinkled on top. This was a big hit – everyone was amazed how good it was for being raw. 
My friend Lauren gave a great tip for when you are craving pasta. Instead just top your favorite veggies with tomato sauce. Often times its the flavor of the sauce that you might be craving and not the starch. Give it a go and see if it satisfies your craving! It worked for me – here I roasted mushrooms, zucchini and baby broccoli in the oven until cooked/soft then topped with tomato sauce and heated through in the oven some more. Quick easy dinner.
Every month I receive a box on my doorstep called the Conscious Box. It’s a little box filled with surprises and samples of the purest, healthiest natural products in the world from the most ethical companies. I love discovering new healthy products so this service was something I was excited to subscribe to! This face & body lotion from the Honest Co. came in last month’s box and I’ve fallen in love with how soft it makes my hands – and its all natural! I researched the company a little more and I come to find out its owned by Jessica Alba. There are so many products I want to try – sunscreen, cleaning sprays, conditioner hair spray, soy candles….check out all the healthy cool products HERE!
This was another goodie that came in my box this month. I’ve always wanted to buy this but I couldn’t see myself spending the typical $20 for a small bottle without even knowing if it was good. I’m SUPER happy that I was able to try this because now I can totally justify buying a bottle. I added a few drops to my smoothies this week – wow. As you may know, I always add lots of pure vanilla bean powder to my smoothies but with this also added, it brings it to a whole other level of vanilla bliss. Will be ordering a regular size bottle soon for sure. I’ll be purchasing it HERE.
You know what vanilla goes good with? {EVERYTHING} Cherries and vanilla are a match made in heaven. I have been loving the new addition of frozen dark cherries to my smoothies! It makes such a pretty pink hue too. They also go great with peaches – another favorite frozen fruit I have been loving. 
My friend Lauren and I have admitted to our Etsy addiction. It’s a serious problem. We are always texting each other our new finds. You could spend eternity on that site and still find something new and exciting each & every minute. It is definitely the most used App on my phone.  Now, if I only had a big etsy gift card….
So here is my latest Etsy find – Vermana Herbals located in Vermont. I love supporting local small businesses like this!  I’ve been adding these Reishi Mushroom & Immune Blend to my smoothies. 
I’ve been asked to share how I cooked the stuffed peppers I made a few weeks ago. I didn’t follow a specific recipe. You could fill peppers up with anything really!  I made up a mixture of sprouted quinoa, finely chopped yellow squash, minced kale & spinach, tomatoes, ground chicken & green onions. I added a bit of veggie broth, tomato paste, cayenne, cumin, garlic, and chipotle seasoning. Came out great! There are a few tips I’ll share about making your own….First you want to remove the top of each pepper and remove all seeds. Next wrap your peppers in foil and bake at 350 for 15 minute to soften and cook a bit. Remove peppers from oven, remove foil and stuff with whatever mix your creative mind comes up with. Return to oven and bake for 20 minutes & you’ve got dinner on the table.  

I will be back in a few days with all my favorite products and new healing supplements and where you can buy them all!

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  1. Yay! Great post!! Love adding sauce to veggies, especially broccoli! So good! Glad you like too! Those tarts look divine! Such presentation! And yay for etsy! Feels good to support small business! 🙂 can't wait for your next post.

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