Foodie Friday

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photo 3I’ve been enjoying this new brand of Roasted Dandelion Root Tea. I add raw honey and almond milk to it and its the perfect coffee alternative and liver cleanser. Love how its Organic!

photo 5Speaking of honey – this brand Wee Bee is by far my favorite raw honey. I splurged and bought the 2 lb jar since I use this stuff daily!

photo 2Another kitchen staple that I use daily is this raw vanilla bean powder from I put this in every smoothie I make! Just bought a new bag. Since there is a lot, I am sharing half with my honey’s mother who also makes a lot of smoothies. I can’t wait to give it to her to try!

photo 5I bought myself this new smoothie book. I have to say, it got rave reviews on amazon for a reason – I LOVE it. Very informative and the recipes all look so delicious. I can’t wait to share them with you!

photo 4I’ve been eating lots of this salad! Arugula, broccoli, lettuce, radishes, artichokes, olives, sun-dried tomatoes.

photo 4I made lunch one day that had white rice with steamed broccoli, bok choy. Topped with scallions, coconut amino’s, sesame seeds, sesame oil and kimchi chips that I dehydrated. I thought they would be a great spicy crispy chip but they turned out more like kimchi jerky – very chewy! Tasty, but probably wouldn’t make again.

photo 1This is dinner one night that I made for the honey. Red quinoa topped with a mixture of corn, red peppers and kale that I sauteed with chipotle sauce. Topped with sour creme, green onions and hot sauce.

photo 3I have been loving green grapes and strawberries lately as a snack for work. Also, Suja is a juice company that has FINALLY come to the East Coast. I have been impatiently waiting for them to come to Whole foods and am so happy that they are here. This juice is AMAZING.

photo 5I enjoyed another Suja one morning for breakfast. This is just as good as it sounds!

photo 5A lot of you like to see what I typically bring to work, so this is an example of my lunch bag one day. Hummus & carrots, cherries, grapes, kombucha, blueberry smoothie, teas, and my new favorite snack – Barnana’s! In addition to this I had a big salad at lunch time.

photo 2These little gems are sooo good. I am one of those weird people who doesn’t like to eat straight up banana’s. I only like it mixed into my smoothies. These are dried little nuggets of chewy sweet banana. They almost have a date consistency…very addicting and perfect for potassium intake!

photo 2If you follow me on FB, you probably know that I have been making non-stop blueberry shakes. I’m in a blueberry phase, what can I say! My favorite simple blueberry shake is almond milk, frozen blueberries, frozen banana, vanilla protein powder, sprinkle of cinnamon and vanilla powder.

photo 3Lastly, I baked a potato one night for dinner. I “cooked” the broccoli in the dehydrator  to soften them but still keep them in their raw state. Before dehydrating I sprinkled with nutritional yeast, coconut amino’s, garlic powder, and lemon juice. I added Kerry-gold butter to my potato (yes, I use real grass-fed butter or coconut oil, depending on my mood. No fake butter in this house) and lots of green onions. This was delicious!!!

Good Eats

Have a sunny and beautiful weekend! 


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