“What I’m Loving” Wednesday

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photo 3These beautiful flowers my honey gave to me.

photo 4In love with this scent. Found in healthy baby section of my local Wegman’s. I wish the scent would last longer, but it doesn’t stop me from spraying it on myself all day long.

photo 5The buggies of summer are out!!  This stuff WORKS AMAZINGLY WELL!

All natural, made from herbs, homemade from my favorite etsy store gal!

photo 2My mom’s yard.

Its like walking into a secret garden. Every corner you turn you will find a new flower, statue, fountain, or chirping bird. Hummingbird’s buzzing by your head, as yellow finches feast at the feeders along with 5 or 6 other kinds of colorful birds. Bunnies, squirrels and groundhogs hop along the edge of the yard. There are toad houses, bird baths, trickling fountains, butterflies, chipmunks that eat peanuts out of the palm of your hand. It’s truly a magical place.

photo 4Organic Peppermint tea.

I’ve been enjoying this tea morning, noon and night. It’s really soothing for my tummy to drink before and after meals and before bed.

photo 1

Bad Bacteria Blasters!

Loving what these guys are doing for my gut. I have been, uh, how do I say it eloquently? Bloated, uncomfortable and other undesirable things. I’ve cut out dairy, gluten, soy and still was feeling this way constantly. Its been making my days not so pleasant lately. So I am convinced I am dealing with some intestinal bacteria overgrowth. Something very common in Crohn’s. I’ve had it before and the Dr.’s would always prescribe antibiotics but I wasn’t going that route this time. These are two powerful natural antibiotics that I am fighting the bad guys off with. Seems to be really helping my situation!!! I’m also eating a diet low in sugar and carbs, which help to starve out any bad bacteria as well.

photo 5Homeopathic Heartburn Spray

When I get heartburn, I get it bad! Some things that set it off for me are drinking too much fresh lemonade and eating too much tomato sauce. Natural remedies, like apple cider vinegar or aloe water have proven to be unsuccessful with me so I was hesitant to buy this spray. To my surprise, it worked immediately!!!

photo-1This incense I picked up at Wegman’s.

I haven’t burned incense since college and only remember them smelling like strong patchouli scents! This has such a pleasant, calming scent to it, unlike any other incense I’ve tried. I love coming home at night and burning one as I am winding down from a busy day.

cat birdMy little Catbird family.

I have a few catbirds that come to my patio for fruit everyday. There is a cardinal couple as well that has been visiting for snacks. I feed them diced strawberries and dried cherries. They love it! When they run out, they sit on the fence and let me know they are out by crying for more. It’s quite cute to see how happy they are when there is fresh fruit for them.

Good EatsSee you in a few days with my Foodie Friday post! 


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