My kitchen is so colorful!



I have brought my diet to a new level. One in which I am trying to get most of my calories strictly from fruits & veggies – you know, REAL FOOD – food from the earth. With this effort, I’ve noticed how alive my kitchen has become! My counters are filled with beautiful colorful produce that I collect each week from local farmer’s markets, my garden and my farm share at work.  The brightness it has added to my kitchen has made me want to compliment my efforts by organizing, de-cluttering and clearing the rest of the space in my kitchen. This is where I spend most of my time, preparing my healing meals, so creating a space that is calming & beautiful is the right measure. I have been basket & jar shopping, bringing more greenery in with live plants and clearing out things I no longer have use for (yes that mean’s you, old can’s of tuna & non-organic tea bags. Hit the road.) I will post some pic’s soon of the  new space after I complete my organization.

photo 1This is the color I speak of!  $40 worth of local farm market goods. Three great rare finds – purple green beans, watercress, & edamame!

photo 2 This was my bi-weekly farm share.  Holy tomatoes!


photo 4 Pictures of my gorgeous local farmer’s market in Red Bank, NJ.

photo 2 I bought a huge bundle of peaches….mmmm. Peachy Heaven.

photo 5 I’ve been adding lots of peaches to my smoothies.

photo 5….and eating them for snacks. This was my lunch one day- bowl of peaches with coconut shreds, hemp seeds, and bee pollen.

photo 4With the abundance of tomatoes, I’ve been making big jars of salsa. My favorite combo: Tomato, cilantro, jalapeno, lime juice, cumin, & a little Chalula hot sauce.

photo 3 Lot’s of rainbow bowls being made.

546789_457103544397610_1303214096_n Preparing a Peanut Noodle Thai Salad!

photo 3 This salad was amazing. HERE is the recipe.

photo 3 Instead of linguine, try these! You will  fall off your chair they are so good. Two ingredients: black beans & water. Better then any GF noodle I’ve ever tasted. I bought 6 packs of these and the Mung Bean flavor at because they are on sale there!

photo 4 Cooked black bean pasta.

photo 1 Lastly, it was my honey’s birthday a few weeks ago. I love decorating for birthday’s!

photo 3 Here we are celebrating with his lovely mom at a lunch on the water.



2 thoughts on “My kitchen is so colorful!

  1. So beautiful! I too have noticed how much more my fridge and countertops are now that I’m incorporating much more fruits and veg into my daily diet as well. And, that black bean pasta looks so intriguing…I might have to snag a pack myself! I haven’t eaten pasta (besides zucchini pasta lol) in so long, but bean pasta sounds like something I’d love to try! Especially when that pasta craving hits 🙂 I’m so glad you introduced me to you!

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