Healing is a full-time job.

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photo 5

Its been exactly one month since my diagnosis of Lyme & Candida and one month being on treatment. I have been taking an antibiotic combo of Monocycline & Plaquenil, and Nystatin for Candida. To compliment these prescriptions, I am taking natural herbs such as garlic, oil of oregano, milk thistle, magnesium, Herbal Candida Support, Turmeric and Olive Leaf. To boost my immune system I have been taking Immune Support packets from Designs for Health and B-12 shots. I just started a parasite cleanse from Humaworm 3 days ago….I will keep you posted on the results of that after one month! My honey, and even Bowie are doing it with me because its best to have everyone in the household do it at the same time.

Here is what I been doing to heal:


Upon waking, I drink a tall glass of water with a strong probiotic. I am currently taking this Garden of Life brand, not for Vaginal Care but because it is good for overall yeast balance.


I then make one of two tonic’s:

1) Dandy Blend, warm water, reishi powder, stevia or xylitol & a tablespoon of coconut oil.

2) Warm lemon water with a tablespoon of Bragg’s raw Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

photo 2

After my tonic, I then move my lymphatic system on the rebounder for a few minutes. Then I’m off to the infrared sauna at a local wellness center. Before I go, I try to dry brush my skin to prepare it for sweating. I sit in the sauna for 40 minutes and then sit the steam room for 10 min. Cold shower after to move the lymphatic system and I drink lots and lots of water to re-hydrate after the sweat session. The sauna has been helping me tremendously with detox symptoms. I then head back home to eat breakfast and pack my lunch before I head to the city to work.

photo 3

 I’ve been surprisingly craving and eating eggs most mornings with organic turkey bacon (nitrate, sugar and preservative free) If I’m not eating eggs, I am drinking a giant green smoothie with lots of cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and coconut milk – all great candida fighters.

photo 3

Other breakfast/snack idea’s:

avocado on raw crackers or live bread.

buckwheat pancakes (http://mattikaarts.com/blog/baking-recipes/gluten-free-buckwheat-pancakes/)

buckwheat or millet porridge with help milk, cinnamon and vanilla stevia.

Yogurt Parfait: Organic PLAIN (unsweetened) probiotic yogurt. Mix in’s – shredded coconut, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, vanilla, cinnamon, puffed quinoa.

Sauteed veggies & quinoa.

key lime avocado pudding

soba noodles with veggies

roasted rhutabaga wedges

pepper slices with tahini, kraut and red onions

photo 2I’ve been eating a lot of 100% buckwheat soba noodles for the rest of my meals. I know they are considered “processed” but they are my saving grace at the moment. I see them as my vehicle to get veggies down. I love loading them up with broccoli, bok choy and red cabbage!

photo 1Soba noodles with red sauce and broccoli rabe and homemade cashew cheese. Soba noodle miso bowl, soba with charred brussel sprout leaves….yeah, I love soba noodles. To mix things up, I made BLT salad boats with turkey bacon. They were sooo good!

photo 4My beautiful mom made me a huge batch of organic chicken soup. Talk about thankful! I have been slurping on soup for days and loving it. Mom’s soup is so healing! For some variety – I added soba noodles (of course!), quinoa, tomatoes, mung bean noodles & sprouts…squash noodles…etc.

photo 1Omelette with avocado and salad, raw sandwich from Quintessence in NYC, flax crackers and guacomole, veggies with zucchini hummus.

photo 2Almond crusted organic chicken fingers with roasted brussel sprouts, salad with garlic olives and homemade green dressing, coconut cauliflower curry with kelp noodles, and a rainbow salad.

photo 4I have been snacking on raw sprouted almonds, garlic olives, raw olives (the best!) and I can eat bowls full of roasted cauliflower.

photo 3It is SO important to stay hydrated & to help release toxins so the liver doesn’t get overburdened. I have been drinking a ton of lemon water, tonics and green juices. For the best lemonade just mix juice from fresh lemons, lemon stevia and muddled mint.

How have I been feeling?

TERRIBLE. Absolutely wiped out. When you are killing Lyme, the spirochetes release toxins into your bloodstream as they die. This is what’s causing me to get worse before I get better. Also, the antibiotics kind of make you feel beyond crummy in the tummy.  I’ve been dealing with fatigue, nausea, upset stomach, dizziness, migraines, swollen ankles, stiff joints, loss of appetite, weight loss…it’s ALL been very challenging to say the least.  Most days I just want to stay home in bed, but I somehow find it in me to get to work each day. Just as I always have, I put on my strong game face and work through it. The Candida diet is VERY HARD. I may seem like I have a grasp on it, but I really don’t. I have cheated more times then I should have but I’m only human. My sugar cravings are remarkably lower but I still dream of my fruit smoothies! I’m trying to take things one day at a time.

I’ve been slowly re-gaining some energy the last few days. Let’s hope its a continuing trend. The Dr. says it could be a long and bumpy recovery but I am hopeful and very determined to do all that I need to get better.

Will keep you posted!


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