My Current Protocol



Since last post, I have gone through quite a lot. With a lot of thought and research, I have decided to stop my antibiotics. I find that its counter-intuitve to be on toxic prescriptions while trying to cleanse. They didn’t seem to be helping anyways. I just don’t feel right taking pharmaceuticals! They were causing extreme nausea, stomach discomfort, swollen feet, sun sensitivity, fatigue, loss of appetite. Going through all this makes me even more a firm believer in natural healing all the way!!

In the 3.5 months I was taking antibiotics and lots of supplement, I’ve had a lot of die-off symptom.  It has been a bumpy roller coaster ride for sure. As you kill parasites and bacteria, they let off toxins into the blood which is the reason you feel so sick during treatment.  The body can only eliminate toxins at a certain pace so it is helpful to assist the body in releasing them faster.  There were a lot of methods I was using successfully to detox. I was detoxing through epsom salt detox bathsinfrared sauna sessions to sweat out toxins & heavy metals, rebounding to oxygenate the blood and move the lymphatic system, zapping for parasite killing, drinking a lot of lemon water, taking milk thistle to assist liver, taking immune boosting supplements, turmeric, olive leaf, transfer factors, did a parasite cleanse, dry-brushing each day for lymphatic flow, & trying to sleep a lot.

As far as my diet goes, it has changed a few times. I was doing a strict Candida diet with no fruit, no sugar, no carbs/starches but that was so restrictive. I started craving eggs and more meat so I honored my cravings and introduced more of those things in. I started to get my energy back but it was killing my digestion. My stomach was blowing up like a balloon each night!  I was continuously hungry and felt it wasn’t helping my Candida or my immune system. Then I came across information about the renowned Dr. Robert Morse. If you haven’t heard of him, I advise you read up! Besides his book, he also has a You Tube channel with tons of informational videos. His view in a nutshell, is that dis-ease does not exist. It is simply a clogged lymph system. ANY illness can be healed through cleaning up the lymphatic system, supporting organ/glandular weakness with herbs and eating a diet of high fruit to allow the body to heal itself. He makes so much sense to me and he has helped to heal many, many patient’s at his Florida Clinic. The detox isn’t easy at first, but neither is chronic disease. I am at my wits end to feel better and think this could be my answer. I can positively say that within one week of light detoxing, I am seeing fantastic results already!!! I haven’t even read his book yet, but from the amazing support on a FB page filled with his fans, I have been able to start the process of detox. If I am seeing results already, I cannot wait to see what a deeper cleanse will bring! I am ready to heal once and for all.


Dr. Robert Morse is an avid believer in the healing powers of fruit. He directs most chronically ill patients to do 100% fruit fasts along with herbs to fully clean up the lymphatic system and repair glandular and organ functions. I am not ready to do 100% fruit yet so I am using the Raw Till 4 lifestyle to transition myself. This is when you eat all raw (I am doing just fruit) during day (no oil/salt and very low fat) and then have a high carb/starchy dinner (vegetables/salad accompanied by GF pasta, rice or potatoes). I feel great doing this, but I am not 100% convinced about all the highly processed Gluten-free pasta, corn, and rice Raw till 4 people eat. It is a perfect transition period for me though to get into more raw food. So far its working beautifully. I am not craving the old SAD (standard American Diet) cooked foods so much anymore and beginning to crave more raw. As I incorporate more raw, I will be able to hopefully one day do a fruit fast to really clean out my lymph system.



For those of you who don’t think you can get in enough calories or nutrients from fruit – do your research. You can!  I use the ‘My Fitness Pal‘ app to make sure I am getting in enough calories each day. Just to give an example of my typical breakfast  – a 4 banana smoothie with 10 dates is over 1100 calories! To all you “sugar-phobics” out there, do your research! Read Dr. Graham’s 80-10-10 book, the Starch Solution or watch Robert Morse videos….sugar is the enemy ONLY if your cells are gummed in excess fat. Clear the fat, oils and salt from your diet and your cells will thrive off the sugars you feed it. Fat causes blood sugar problems, not fruit. Bathing your cells in fruit is what they need to thrive!



So for now this is my current protocol:

Sauna every a.m. (I used to do infrared but switched to a regular dry/steam sauna because I think its healthier)

-dry skin brushing

-rebounding at least 15 min each day

-epsom salt baths a few times a week

-deep breathing and lots of relaxing

-Lots and lots of lemon water

Probiotics for re-establishing good bacteria

IntestiNew for gut repair

-Vitamin D from the sun for at least 20 minute a day

– Fruits for breakfast & lunch

– Dinner: large raw salad or raw meal accompanied by rice/corn pasta or brown rice or potatoes or a vegetable soup.

-I am going to start using Dr. Morse’s herbs – Stomach & Bowel ll, GI Broom, Parasite M, Adrenals, Kidney/Bladder ll, Lymphatic Support ll, and Heal All Tea.

-I would like to eventually add in DoTerra essential oils too, as I hear these help tremendously.




10 thoughts on “My Current Protocol

  1. I cant wait to see how u do on this. I tried this a couple yrs ago, then was told by many people how dangerous this diet was…. Of course I listened and now am sicker than before. I cant do starches, for these seem to flare my dysbiosis badly, so Rae til 4 doesn’t work for me. Have u tried a juice feast?

    Please post a sample days diet log… Id love to see your fruit concoctions and meal ideas, for its easy to get stuck in ruts

    How much is the cost of the herbal protocol u are doing? Did u consult with dr m? If not, how did u come up with such a comprehensive plan?

    Love ur blog and the fact that u keep experimenting and not giving up! Majorly inspiring

  2. You were most likely told how “dangerous” it is by people who are uneducated about health and the science behind healing. I can’t even talk to my family about it, because no one wants to believe that eating just fruits and vegetables are healthy or that detoxing is good. Ohhh, the facade and of allopathic medicine has grabbed everyone’s thoughts on how “healthy” should be. They have made the science behind disease far more complicated then it needs to be. Anyways, thank you so much for the encouragement and sweet comment. I will never give up! 🙂 I have done juice fasts (try to do one a few times a year) and plan to do an all fruit juice fast one day eventually. I am starting with a few herbs to begin with and I’m sure I will be adding more in. An average bottle (month supply) costs around $24. After lots of reading and watching his videos, talking with a lot of people on the FB fan page of Robert Morse and private messaging a few people who have studied with him, I figured out what I need. Through different symptoms, you can identify your weaknesses. For example, I have very low blood pressure and get dizzy, and was getting anxiety from eating astringent (lymph pulling) fruits. These are sure signs of weak adrenal. So I am getting the adrenal herbs to build it back up. When your adrenals are weak, your kidneys are most likely weak so I bought the kidney support. I got Parasite M for the Lyme. So on and so forth. It all adds up and registers quite quickly in your mind on what needs to be fixed.His book explains a lot too, but I haven’t received it yet in the mail, but was able to do without to get started. I will be more then happy to share some food logs on here! Always willing to help inspire! I hope you feel better SOON!!!!

    • I love love love u and ur commitment to healing ur body. I feel like we are soul sisters, always searching for the key to unlock the mystery of our bad guts lol. I actually consulted with dr m years ago, but my mom was so dead against it that it thwarted my healing and I had to stop. I really want to try again….. I’m sitting in my car crying right now bc I’m so sick from binging on cupcakes that I bought in a candida induced trance. I never was like this until a mold exposure, which threw off my whole gut flora and caused horrible autoimmune issues. I need to get on track but am unsure how…. These cravings r intense and overbearing. Did u have any transition issues like worsening of gut? How about when u started on the herbs?

      II find that many fruits bother me too, like cause muscle soreness, which can be a chromium issue. Watermelon is especially bad. Ugh

      What other supps are u taking besides the herbs? Do u feel fermented foods are helpful? I know Dr m isn’t keen on them. Perhaps some of the glandulars might help u too… Those r quite powerful!

      Keep spreading the light and don’t let the naysayers bring u down like they did me. Sometimes, the road to health is a lonely one, but finding people thru the Internet surely does help

  3. Hello I was just diagnosed with Lyme a week ago i haven’t started anything yet but i am on the dr robert morse facebook group and thinking of doing his herbs and protocol and maybe having a skype consult with him everywhere i look the antibiotics and lyme herbal protocols aren’t working there has to be a better way

    • Eliminated all my lyme & candida symptoms through a high fruit diet! Working on reversing my crohns with fruit too and seeing promising results! I plan to update everyone at some point this year after I finish lots of detox cleanses. 🙂

  4. I think you are so smart and happy i found this page. I recently finished the 14 wk detox.I am changed forever.I know what I am.I have a long road ahead but fruit is everywhere in Hawaii.and Dr Morse is a click away.Take care GLB Love Leisa Erquiza

  5. Hello,

    I would love to hear your journey has been after doing a high fruit diet and continuing with Dr Morse products. Am beginning a cleanse just now and a looking at doing Raw til 4. Keen to hear your updates. Many thanks. K

    • Hi! I am pretty fully healed at this point! You can follow my journey further on my IG page @greenleanbean and new YouTube channel Plant Based Vitality (new videos coming real soon!)

      • Hi I was wondering how long you followed the Dr Morse high fruit and veg lifestyle for it to reverse your problems particularly any skin conditions. Also how long were you on his herbs? I am taking them but they are quite expensive for me so it would be nice to have a rough time frame for usage. I definitely believe that’s the optimum way to eat but it is difficult so any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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