“What I’m Loving Wednesday” Coloring my World Green!

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photo 2I have lots of green things to share today!

Green soup is definitely an acquired taste. If you like green’s as much as I do then give it a try. If you like green smoothies look at this as a savory style smoothie. So easy to whip up and do I have to mention – NUTRITIOUS!  I blended spinach, watercress, onion, romaine, avocado, celery, lime, cilantro, cumin, s/p, turmeric. Add toppings for contrast and crunch. My favorite toppings are sprouts,  raw squash noodles, or cherry tomatoes!

photo 3I took a  short vacation from green smoothies for a little bit but I’m back in action again. I have lots of fresh pineapple, which is the perfect smoothie sweetener and compliment to any greens. My darling heart orange juice cubes made me smile with every sip.

photo 2If you don’t know who Markus Rothkranz is, check him out. I saw him on a Dara Dubinet video and am a bit intrigued by his health and success. His website is a bit over the top “New Age” spiritual-promotional style so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Set aside the image his website perceives, and you will see he has a good mission and beautiful intentions. These Wild Greens taste great and contain amazing rare plants from around the world.

photo 3I love watching my garden grow! My baby cucumbers are so cute, right?  When they grow up they are going to be pickles 🙂

photo 2This is my all time favorite sandwich to get from my  favorite Raw restaurant, Quintessence. I just discovered that I can get it on cooked Chickpea Socca bread….heaven! This sandwich has scallion cashew cream cheese, red peppers, cucumbers, olives, sprouts, “caramelized” onions, avocado, lettuce and tomato!

photo 4I love finding new beauty products that are all natural and smell beautiful! This lotion keeps my skin super soft and the smell reminds me of a spa. If you could bottle up the scent of a tranquil spa, this would be it. One other perk is that the scent lasts all day long! photo 2I am proudly announcing that I am off coffee! I used to have a cup every morning and if I skipped a day I would get withdrawal headaches. Dandy Blend has made it possible to stop this addiction! This is how I did it: I would fill my cup mostly with Dandy Blend and topped it off with coffee and gradually decreased through this method.  Now I’m strictly on Dandy and can’t start my morning’s without it. I mix it with almond milk and a few drops of Stevia. Every once in awhile I will treat myself to a cup of coffee but it makes my heart race now so I can’t drink too much. I think this is almost a good thing…it will help me avoid getting hooked again!

photo 1I started taking Chaste Tree Berry (AKA Vitex) tincture last week and plan on taking it for a 6 month period to help balance my hormones. Vitex can help the body establish a proper balance between estrogen and progesterone by encouraging the production of progesterone. If taken regularly for several months, it helps to restore hormonal balance and alleviate PMS symptoms and even menopause symptoms.

photo 5Purple Mulberries mixed with almonds and raw cacao nibs – my go-to snack this week!

photo 1My sweet tooth doesn’t usually come out too often but lately it’s been wanting sweets. I will admit that I love caramels but traditional caramel is solid sugar, which my stomach does not like! To think back to how I used to eat Milk Dud’s all the time when I was younger. These coconut milk caramels are brilliant and a better choice if you ask me! I do prefer the sea salt flavor over these java flavor. (Now I know why they were on the sale’s rack!)