Raw Tomato Wraps

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I have quite a lot of produce sitting around my kitchen. If that’s the case at your house too, then these wraps are great to use up those summer tomatoes & squash with. I absolutely love sandwiches and prefer to eat a salad with my hands, so wraps are really handy (pun intended) to have around. Have you looked at the prices of store-bought raw wraps? Holy moly, it’s way too easy to re-create those for cheap at home! Don’t be afraid to throw in whatever veggies you have and spice it up with fresh herbs or your favorite spices. This is really a fool-proof method. Remember, when it comes to dehydrating, how it tastes going in is pretty much how it’s going to taste coming out so if it’s not tasty, spice it up and add ton of flavors to it!

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1 red pepper, roughly chopped
1 pint of cherry tomatoes
3 yellow squash or zucchini, roughly chopped
1 small red onion, roughly chopped
3 tablespoons lemon juice, or juice from 1 lemon
1 cup sun-dried tomatoes (soaked for 2 hours)
1 jalapeño, roughly chopped (check to see if it’s a real hot one first – you don’t want these wraps to be too spicy!)
3 tablespoons coconut amino’s (or your favorite soy sauce)
2 tsp garlic powder
1 cup of ground flax meal

2 green onions, diced

3 tablespoons fresh parsley, minced

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1. In a food processor or high speed blender, mix everything but the flax seed, parsley and green onion.
2. Add puree mixture to bowl with 1 cup of flax meal and mix well. Now is the time to add any extra spice or seasoning if it lacks. Mix in green onions and parsley. Let sit for 10 minutes to thicken up, periodically mixing.
3. Spread thinly onto a dehydrator sheet about 1/4″ thick.
4. Dehydrate for 4-6 hours at 115F or until one side is somewhat dry. Turn over by placing another tray on top and flipping onto new screen. Continue drying until completely dry but still pliable. Careful NOT to over dry or the sheet will become cracker-like.

5. Slice into desired size and store in airtight container or zip-loc bag in fridge. I cut one sheet full into 4 squares.

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I’ve been filling mine up with chopped Italian salad!

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Let me know if you make these!!! Enjoy!