Healthy Spicy “Ramen” Noodle Soup


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Healthy Spicy “Ramen” Noodle Soup

Most of the time in the GLB kitchen, recipes are not followed. I kind of just throw in a little this, throw in a little that & go by my knowledge of food pairings and by taste. So my apologies first and foremost that this isn’t a formal measured recipe but more of an idea of what I did so you can try to re-create!

Preparing the kelp noodles:

First, I took my kelp noodles and soaked them in water for a half hour. A half of a lemon gets squeezed into the water and as it sits, every so often, massage it with your hands as you would kale. This makes them very soft, like noodles should be. I also don’t like a big tangled mess of kelp noodle in each bite so I take cooking shears to them and break them up a bit – you can also use a knife for this.

Ok. After soaking and massaging, drain water and add them to whatever container you are going to keep them in. Next you will be adding flavor with a marinade. Mix all up and let sit overnight.

I used:

sesame oil

sesame seeds

garlic powder

togarashi (Japanese hot spice)

lemon juice


red pepper flakes

mixed seaweed veggies (extra iron!)


Preparing the broth:

All you really need is your favorite veggie broth. I prepared mine using a vegetable bouillon cube and added a piece of kombu to allow more nutrients and flavor to be developed. You will be adding miso before serving the soup so the kombu is really not necessary if you do not have any. When broth is flavored enough keep in container in fridge until ready to serve.

Preparing the soup:

Ladle some broth into pot. Add your uncooked broccoli florets and a scoop of miso. Next add a big serving of kelp noodles and kimchi.  Turn the heat on medium-low, making sure it doesn’t get too hot – Miso is a fermented food that you don’t want to overheat. Same goes for Kimchi. You just want to heat the soup up enough to be able to eat right away, nothing hotter. Ladle into bowl and sprinkle fresh scallion on top.

Yum. Slurrrrpy ramen goodness.

Oh, and hey, its good for your gut too! Fermented foods, seaweed, broccoli…what’s your body not to love here?photo 4


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 If you are wondering what products I use:

South River Chickpea Miso is my fave!

First time trying TJ’s Kimchi – I’m pretty impressed, it was really good! I recommend fresh kimchi from a Korean restaurant or raw store bought brand, but this sufficed for tonight.

Rest of the ingredients you might want to know about, I highlighted above. Click on them to find a link!