“What I am Loving Wednesday” Working my Chi.

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My Chi has been “sluggish” these days so I am trying to move it, shake it, get it going so I can achieve balance. Essentially I am trying to balance  everything out within my body, including hormones, optimal organ function, and overall movement and flexibility of my joints.


Qi or Chi(pronounced Chee) is a Chinese term that literally means breath, air, or gas. Qi is the fundamental life force or energy found in all living things. Qi is formed from the interaction of yin and yang energies. In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, it is often referred to as the “energy” present in the Meridians and the organs of the body.

AcupuctureCecilie 031I am loving my acupuncture appointments which help channel my Chi.

photo 2  I watched an informative video on these herbs and how they can benefit me. I tend to hold a lot of chi-stagnation within my mid-center (abdominal area) in form of bloating, so this formula is said to help get things warm, moving and eliminate unwanted accumulation of edema dampness. 

photo-1Another tool to help my blood flow is this tincture of Dong Quai. Noted as the “female ginseng” this herb has many benefits you may not know about. For one, it is an excellent blood tonic! It helps replenish your red blood cells and increase blood volume.  Read more about the amazing benefits here.

mqdefault-1Another great way to get the Chi flowing is by moving the body! I’m loving Yoga with Adriene lately. She is adorable, spunky and has a great energy to her. I have an Apple TV so I just project the YouTube videos onto my TV from my phone and do yoga in my living room when I wake up each morning. I’ve also been integrating a lot of deep breathing into my day and rebounding whenever I get the chance.

96efc6a1d02432b9f8a6978fd1eefe91heartphoto 3Food is another tool to help balance things for me. I’ve been trying to maintain a water filled diet by eating things like watermelon and cucumbers.

photo 1Cherries are my favorite summer fruit. They also have a high water content and are great for inflammation and protection against cell damage from free radicals.

photo 1Donut peaches are amazing!! They are also known as Saturn peaches due to their shape…they are sweeter and have a white flesh and are less acidic then the traditional peaches. Pick some up next time you see them…you won’t be disappointed!

photo 4These herbal infused waters I found at Wegman’s.  Sometimes plain water is just boring. These have a pleasant faint flavor to them that are perfect for hot summer days!

photo 4Plants are just good for the soul. I can never have enough. They breath life into any space and purify the air inside your house. These succulents were too cute to pass up. I’m so happy when I see them hanging in their cute little basket.  🙂

What are you loving this week??

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