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Left: before I changed my lifestyle I was on numerous rounds of Prednisone which caused "moonface", crippling joint pain, insomnia and edema.  Right: a few years into my healthy diet & lifestyle change. Thriving on high fruits, leafy greens and mostly raw food.

Left: before I changed my lifestyle I was on numerous rounds of Prednisone which caused “moonface”, crippling joint pain, insomnia and edema. Right: a few years into my healthy diet & lifestyle change. Thriving on high fruits, leafy greens and mostly raw food.


Hello! My name is Lauren and I am a 30-something girl living on the Jersey Shore with my boyfriend and my ragdoll kitty, Bowie. I’m a homebody, a gardener, cookbook junkie, traveler, nature-lover, healing crystal collector, mother to lots of houseplants & lover of all things sunny, healing & peaceful. Here is why I began blogging:

You see, I was sadly stuck in the Allopathic world of prescription drugs, surgeries, and being told time & time again that I will never cure my sickness. Since my symptoms began as a baby, I didn’t have much say in my treatment. My parents trusted that the Drs knew best & can you blame them? We were all conditioned to believe that the people who went to med school were the only ones in deciding what was best for our bodies.

Digestive problems started happening at age 2 for me. I was getting fevers, diarrhea, loss of appetite and I wasn’t growing. After a few years with the same symptoms and different testing, I was diagnosed finally at age 6 with Crohns Disease. Throughout my childhood, I was prescribed prescription drugs to try to control inflammation. I was pushed to eat as much fattening foods as I possibly could and told to avoid fiberous foods. My Gastro always would tell my parents to get me fast food, potato chips, candy bars and stuff me with milkshakes, Ensure & Carnation. Anything to gain weight, night time tube feedings and all. I look back and cringe at this whole concept of saturated fat = weight gain = disease control. All of these things I was ingesting were possibly the worst things I could of been feeding my body. No matter how many pills I took, how much food I consumed, I was on numerous rounds of prednisone to calm my painful flares, I had joint pain, heart burn & a terrible time gaining weight. Constant diarrhea & horrible stomach pain. My first bal-resection was preformed at the age of 15 as an emergency surgery. My small intestine was so inflamed, that it created a severe,  almost full blockage. This first surgery was where my terminal illieum was removed and some, along with my appendix. After this painfully invasive procedure, I was put on even stronger meds. With my diseased portion removed, I finally started to gain weight. Don’t think it ended happily here! My results didn’t last long because you can’t cut out parts of your body and expect to heal! It will return in healthy tissue if you do not fix the root cause. Well, I continued to eat a diet of fast food, meat, Snapple ice tea, ginger ale, baked goods, and lots of white pasta and breads. As years went by, I was a guinea pig, given every dangerous drug out there to try to control my pesky inflammation that wouldn’t go away. Imuran, Humira, 6-mp, Prednisone, Nothing worked! Nothing. Made me more sick and gave me daily headaches. .

About 11 years after my first surgery, the intestinal blockages were haunting me so badly that I was living on pain pills to get by. Out of desperation, I elected to get a second bal-resection. It was an easier surgery this time around being laperscopic. I thought that this was going to be it. I’m healed (again)! Boy was I wrong. Inflammation returned with a vengeance just months later. Now my Dr wanted me on Humira and methotrexate. Whaaaat! No way Jose. No freakin way. Shut down my immune system and throw a chemo drug on top of it?! Thats just putting a welcome mat out for infections and cancer. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.. I realized my body had a serious malfunction and nothing in the Allopathic world was helping it get better. Nothing was getting to the root of the cause. They were only trying to cover my symptoms up with chemicals and poisons just so I could “get by”. I wanted more then that damn it…I wanted to thrive and live life without pain! So It began. My journey of self-healing. Goodbye Allopathy…you are officially fired!


(*my self-healing journey page is in the works. Stay tuned.)


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  1. Hi,I had my Crohn’s completely heal and disappear after it was discovered that my bowels were saturated with mercury from my teeth fillings. I had those fillings removed and replaced with non-mercury substances and went on a strong detox. This was about 20 years ago.

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