Chlorophyll for Energy. Benefits & drink recipe!

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Green-vegetablesIf you want more energy, go get yourself some. It’s really that easy! It simply lies within the green plants that the Earth provides to us.  They all posses a magical thing called Chlorophyll 🙂

FASCINATING facts on Chlorophyll:

Chlorophyll is the blood of plants and amazingly is very close to mirroring the blood of humans. The one and only difference is that the central atom in humans is iron, while for plants it is magnesium.  The magnesium provides high alkalizing effect on the body that delivers essential oxygen to body tissues and cells. Its important to obtain natural occurring chlorophyll by eating plants but supplementing with liquid chlorophyll is an amazing way to add special energy to your body as a complimentary treatment.

Benefits of taking Chlorophyll

Digestive aid & anti-Inflammatory

Green vegetables high in chlorophyll aid in loosening and cleansing the colon. Chlorophyll has strong antioxidant capacity and has been found to help reduce inflammation.

Chlorophyll Promote formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

Hemoglobin is the iron-containing substance that provides red blood cells their red pigment and transports oxygen to the body tissues. In fact, we may not realize that our blood is composed of 75% of hemoglobin. If the central atom of blood is iron, how chlorophyll helps in the formation of red blood cells? As we digested green food, the magnesium helps in rebuilding and replenishing the red blood cells which is responsible for boosting our energy.

Rapid Delivery of Magnesium

Chlorophyll is rich in magnesium, which is a highly alkaline mineral and so consuming chlorophyll rich foods has a highly alkalising effect on the body. Magnesium is super-important as it helps to deliver much needed oxygen to cells and tissues, bone formation, nerve and muscle function. Magnesium is critical for our cardiovascular system, digestive system, nervous system, muscles, kidneys, liver, hormone-secreting glands, and brain!

Chlorophyll treats bad breath and foul smelling poo.

Bad breath is caused by oral bacteria that reside in a person’s mouth and it excretes odiferous waste products. The sulfur compounds of waste products usually lie at the root of breath odor problems. With the double action of chlorophyll, it acts as deodorizer that eliminates bad odor and reduces the stringent smell of urine, infected wounds and feces.

 Detoxify toxins that cause cancer.

Researches found that the damaged genes caused by carcinogen substances can be prevented by chlorophyll. Chlorophyll protects against a whole host of carcinogens found in fungus-laden foods such as nuts and grains, the toxins from cooked meats, and air-borne carcinogens (from pollution). It blocks the metabolism in the body of harmful chemicals known as procarcinogens that damage DNA. Chlorophyll is one of the most important chelates in nature. It’s ability to bind to and remove toxic heavy metals such as mercury makes it an extremely powerful healer.

Chlorophyll fights infections.

Chlorophyll has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that contain Vitamin A, C and E that are responsible for reducing inflammation. In studies, chlorophyll was found to possess bacteriostic property that kill harmful bacteria. Moreover, the antiseptic properties of chlorophyll have the ability to kill germs by strengthening the tissues.

Recommended intake of chlorophyll

Besides eating loads of fresh greens everyday, I supplement with Chlorophyll in liquid form. Don’t worry, it’s surprisingly almost tasteless! (I bought here) You can take 100 mg of chlorophyll  up to 2-3 times daily. Chlorophyll is not considered an essential nutrient. Nevertheless, people are lacking the intake of green foods in their diet and aren’t getting a sufficient amount of chlorophyll, so supplementing can be beneficial.

Other ways to consume Chlorophyll: 

Green juice and green smoothies. A nutrient dense way to get adequate Chlorophyll. You can pack a hella’ of a lot of greens into one juice or smoothie and its absorbed assimilated into the body immediatley!

Green Vegetables. I always recommend to get most of your chlorophyll from the real thing: eat plants and eat them everyday!

Chlorophyll Chia Smoothie

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Dara Dubinet and I will say it once again because this recipe was inspired by a video she posted. It is delicious, energizing, alkalizing and such a treat to sip on through out the day.  Chlorophyll has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level! How cool right? Who wouldn’t want to sip on that??

I double this recipe and drink half in the morning and half in the afternoon as a pick-me up. Keeps in fridge very well for up to a few days. My mom even made it and said it gave her so much clean energy!

photo 2

  10 oz filtered water

1 tsp Chlorella

2 tbl chia seeds or chia pudding

1 tsp raw honey

1 tsp coconut sugar

1-2 tsp raw cacao powder or raw carob powder

pinch of vanilla powder or a few drops of vanilla extract

Blend & enjoy!